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On his best days, in 2003, Pasión de gavilanes it was one of the productions, the more points of view of the colombian television, with 17 points rating.

The story of the brothers Reyes (Juan, Oscar and Franco) and sisters Elizondo (Norma, Jimena and Sarita) captured the audience. It was a new version of Sweet waterthe creation of Julio Jiménez, who ten years before was not so successful.

But Pasión de gavilanes failed to generate topics of conversation for the street, the bus, the houses and the offices, in the days without social networks.

Starring Mario Cimarro, Danna Garcia, Luis Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss, Paola Rey, and Michel Brown, the star of boys come from the outside and was hooked. And since the 6 of July, the production will again be broadcasted from Monday to Friday, at 8 p. m., by Canal Caracol.

Mario Cimarro was born in Havana, Cuba, on the first of June, 1971, has been the most clicked. A graduate in English language and literature, has left the island and went to Mexico, for the training of the actor, his passion.

And when he heard that it was an audition to find the star of a soap opera, the international, and that it would be in Colombia, wanted to participate.

“I decided that if I wanted to create characters three-dimensional should look, even if this would eventually lead to going to another country. With that spoken, it appeared the script of the Passion of sparrowhawks and I was sagging, as is. I have prepared and audicioné. I did the casting of King John, I, not the character ever, Mario was not”account from California, where he lives.

“But, in addition, to go to work in Colombia is part of the consequences and the effect of the magical realism of that country towards the world, a great influence on my training.”

Came to Bogota with the Mambo, his dog, who died a few years ago, and part of his ashes are in Colombia, where he brought Cimarro. Was your partner at all, ” he adds.

And after 17 years, watch Juan Reyes as “the ability to consolidate my career at the international level, beyond the satisfaction of enjoying the creation of a hero, a positive image that will influence the public, regardless of the aquifer”.

In fact, Juan Reyes, brought to television a character-tough, strong, aggressive, “but the good heart that took over raising his brothers when his parents died. It is the story of many brothers”, he said in an interview to this newspaper in 2003.

During your stay in Colombia, Cimarro and Mambo on tour in some of the regions of motion of the actor, “and in all sides, I’ve always had the affection of the people. In addition, I worked with a great team and I learned that the colombian cuisine I feel good, the people are generous, the territory is full of beautiful places. I left good friends”.

He went on to create characters,“ in search of the stories and projects of meaning, beings with characteristics in their behavior and psychology. Everyone has to be like a white canvas ready to receive the magic brush of the painter. And this process involves discipline.”

In these days, is still in his california home, where she cares for their mother. “This experience has reaffirmed that we are not alone, that we all need. When these things happen, nothing has meaning and everything has a meaning. As our elders are the most vulnerable, take care of them and help with the shopping to your neighbors, family and friends, to protect us. And if we are able, we are volunteers”.

This return to television colombiana de Cimarro also remember another story, he said, when I recorded the novel: the characters that inspired it.

“They were a peasant cuban of name Gildardo, and a shoemaker the mexican with the personality of John, his instinct, his primitivism, but they are very brave people, beings who can not express their feelings of love and believe that everything is organized with the handcuffs”.