Zendaya the new Mary Jane color in “Spider-Man”: Like The best of the history?


UNITED STATES.- The american actress Zendaya it was in the eye of the storm when it was confirmed his role as the new Mary Jane in the film Spider-Man: the return home. It turns out that in the comics, this character used to have an appearance of white skin; so that the divided public opinion, when his name came to light. However, another part of the media scene supported by his undeniable talent. It is worth remembering that their role in Euphoria, has also been the target of praise.

Now the star of 23 years gets into the skin of Mery Jane “of color”, the eternal love of Peter Parker, that will be interpreted by the actor Tom Holland. So the first words of Zendaya were the following: “I had the good fortune to have this role. Because they wanted to recreate the character and turn it into a new version of what I think is the original character of Mary Jane and only do it in our own way in the Films of the Marvel Universe”.

His other statements to the international press, were the following: “Only encajé with what was already smart, young, fast, strong, and different in the pages of the script. I have a great interpretation, because I like to be able to pull out my humorous side and participate in projects that are not as well heavy”. With these statements, Zendaya leaves no doubt that it was perfect to tackle this role is now added to the list of their successes.

Zendaya fight against racism

For the exprotagonista of the youth series All of the ritmor (2010), is of great importance to create things and create spaces for women that look like me and women who do not, it seems to me (…) That is the ultimate goal, to make space for many creative people. This is not a lack of talent, but lack of opportunity”. It is a secret that he has had to do with the strong, inhuman treatment, racial, upon his arrival to the industry.

On the other hand, the u.s. discussion the treatment they have been given to the african-american community, in the ranks of Hollywood, so did not hesitate to express the following: “We have been painted as the face, that is not the truth. It is important to have a conversation in which you open the way for our colleagues and for the most part women of color who don’t necessarily look like us.”