Why Shakira is not appeared in Betty, the ugly if you had already assured their participation?


The overwhelming international success I am Betty, the ugly had the first edition in 1999 has allowed dozens of recognized artists, beauty queens and other important figures of the time, to accept gladly to have a special participation by the teledrama protagonists Ana Maria Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello.

These small events are marked forever in the memory of the public, who enjoyed seeing his favorite soap opera stars of the time. Viewers, for example, not to forget the chapter in which Ricardo Montaner we sang a serenade to ‘Betty’ or when ‘Marcela’ mounted a scene of jealousy for ‘Armando’ in front of the model Adriana Arboleda.

However, one thing that few people know is that Shakira it was in the list of the characters who appear in the drama. In fact, the famous singer would be a part of the most anticipated of the novel: the time that “Betty” makes its transformation into a beautiful woman and power.

Unfortunately, a drawback at the last minute did impossible the performance of the superstar Betty, la fea, something besides the anguish for the production, has forced them to adjust the script to work around the unexpected.

The reason that Shakira does not appear in the Betty, la fea

During the recording of the project, the production of RCN had expected record the different chapters in Miami, Florida where there may be an aspect of Shakiraat that point, in this city, in one of the episodes.

All the team prepared to travel to “The city of the Sun” the shooting of the scenes in which the interpreter barranquilla and other famous characters interact with “Betty”; however, according to the journal The Timethe application of the american visa of the various components of the technical part has been rejected.

The refusal may not be exceeded and that the officers had no other choice to dismiss the idea and make a series of changes to continue the story no “Ario”.

In addition to the singer of “Eyes like that”, were cancelled other special collaborations with a number of personalities who, unfortunately, I stayed with the desire to be a part of the soap’s most famous story.

“In the ‘City of the sun’ was already ensured their participation in some of the scenes the Estefan (Gloria and Emilio), Shakira, Julio and Enrique Iglesias and colombian Kike Santander, and Edgar Renteria” said the colombian, in an article in the year 2000.

According to RCNto continue with the novel, written by Fernando Gaitán has been resolved, the inconvenience move events that are extinguished in Miami for the National contest of Beauty of Cartagena de Indiasthe place where ‘Beatrice’, is his great metamorphosis with the help of a friend, ‘Catalina Angel’.

Fortunately, the incident happened totally unnoticed, the great success of the hearings are kept, and, although he could not materialize the participation of Shakira, the colombian president, at the time, Andrés Pastrana Arangoyes , it was an intervention on the part of the events developed in Cartagena.

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