What Maluma fought with a fan in a nightclub in Miami, united States?


The recordings went this month a woman, that in your public profile TikTok (with more than 102 thousand followers) has been identified as the Sun, Bürkle, but without saying on what date the act occurred on which, according to his version, because of Maluma she and her friends got kicked out of a nightclub in Miami.

The situation would be started when, said the young man, about three in the morning, all have been “activated”, “the most ‘happy’ possible’, and one of their relatives informed of the presence of the famous night club. “When we were contacted to see if it was true, indeed he was there with a little bit of women, but was surrounded by security guardsthat will not allow you to register, if the registration is thrown your phone, or throw the disco”.

The exfan also showed a video, “which has registered a friend,” in which he allegedly Maluma threw a hand to her boyfriend, when I was going through with her table, and then went on to tell how, according to her, continued the cause, because it was not registered.

“When Maluma goes by where I am, my boyfriend, that was already turned on, ‘happy’, touch. But it sounds like: “I see&$, is Maluma and is located in a nightclub and is happening in front of us! Not Maluma, hello!’. For Maluma got the daemon and the shit has been flipped upside down and throw a hand to my boyfriend; I also have the pain in the neck, but a security guard keeping Maluma (…that) it was hysterical. (…) My guy crouches down, and has not received the shot, but a friend threw a drink at Maluma and you cling to Maluma and goes; I believe that trying to calm him down. Then, Maluma arrives with the person in charge and will continue to do so for my boyfriend (point a): ‘Bótamelo to him’. Without asking anything, we have kicked out of the nightclub,” he said.

Several people from TikTok to see the video supported what was said by the Sun Bürkle and said that the reguetonero you have uploaded the fumes for the fame, but also some began to ask questions and to doubt the veracity of the accusation (the second against Maluma in quarantine; the first has to do with the old accusation of sexual), to the point that some have expressed the opinion that she was only in search of popularity, instead of damaging “the image of someone”.

Maluma and Pipe Bueno, singers, and Petty Duran, presenter.

One of the questions is when it happened the fact, and it is, in fact, Malumabecause “you don’t see that”, “it is difficult to see the face,” he said.

And that is if it was during the quarantine, in which the singer has received criticism for allegedly violating some provisions and made the journey from Colombia to the united States)the person that demonstrate that it is Maluma would not be him, because the ‘look’ of the confinement does not match with the scene: there you see a man of black hair, and the singer is blonde and with hair a little longer. Also, the video seems to have less tattoos on the arm that seems to be the artist today.

Then, if it were true what happened, the recording would be an old man, in spite of the fact that it was published until this week and days after the reguetonero also in the news for a couple of statements that gave his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich.

Natalia Barulich, and Maluma

The other thing that questions the users is that the complainant is not gone, but part of what he said happened. “I don’t see anything in the video” and “where is the full video?”, you commented on. The exfan defended by stressing that the guards of the interpreter was not allowed to register.

In the same way, there are those who believe that the story is missing a piece of the exact reason for the expulsion of the group disco. Also some believe that if that person is a Maluma and, presumably, gave the handshake is a natural attitude, perhaps because there was a drunk that happened to him: “It is not necessary to see that a public figure, anyone who is in a nightclub, and a man touch it, it reacts!”.

The singer, until now, has not yet indicated the video with the allegations against. We left here those recordings, as well as some of the comments that it has generated and the answers that you have given the exfan to some of these.

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