Titles of movies that have been based on a song and you didn’t know #2 – Spoiler Time


Following this list of films that you chose to support in the field of music in order to baptize their productions, we came across several tapes of 80 have used this resource for several reasons.

6 The Crying Game (1992)

Even if the initial story of the film has its roots in a short story 1930 call Guests of the nation, it would be a pop song of the decade 1960 that has given the name. The writer and director, Neil Jordan, I was never happy with the original title of The Wife of the Soldieronly when it came to organising what music should be included in the movie fell in love with Boy George and he felt that the name of the song that was much better than your original idea.



7 Throw Mama From the Train (1987)

While the inspiration for the plot came from Hitchcock, the title of the film derives from texts, and simple years 50. The song in question is Mama From The Train sung by Patti Page. Written by Irving Gordonthe story is about memories of a deceased mother. The first line “Throw mom from the train, a kiss, a kiss,” is perfectly suited to the film and he tells the spectator exactly what is seen.



8 Boyz N the Hood (1991)

The drama of John Singleton it is about racial violence, police brutality and gang violence, basing the story on his own personal experience and that of the people with whom he grew up, but it was one of the main actors which could provide the inspiration for the title of the film. Ice Cubewho played the role of Doughboyhe had written the song Boyz-N-The-Hood while I was in the NWA. Even if it was interpreted by the Eazy-Eit was Cube who provided the letter.



9 Dazed and Confused (1993)

Dazed and Confused meet cult following over the years, and helped to establish the careers of such stars as Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Milla Jovovich. The writer and director, Richard Linklatertook the title of the song Led Zeppelin. Was initially only a working title Linklater I couldn’t think of anything else, but in the end kept because they felt that has captured the essence of the story.



10 Brazil (1985)

Brazil it is often considered as the masterpiece of the director Terry Gilliamwho said he chose the title of the song Aquarela do Brasil of 1939of Ary Barrosso. Gilliam it felt as if the cheerful rhythm of the music to convey the positive mood of the protagonist in dealing with the city, dark, dirty and cold that surrounded him. The film uses a recording of the singer Geoff Muldaurand parts of the song are also incorporated along the main score.