Thus defends Maluma Shakira of the words of J Calvin


In a recent interview, in which there are characters such as J Balvin, Maluma and Will I Amit has become a trend, this is by way of Calvin mocked (as some believe) of his fellow countryman, barranquilla Shakira.

During the interview, the member of the Black Eyed Peas was questioned about who was more flexible when working, his response was Shakira, and that’s when the singer of My people he began to get out a laugh, a sarcastic and mocking by the users of the social network.

I’ve never worked with Shakira, I think, must be sohe said as he continued to laugh.

Maluma goes to the defense

However, the colombian Maluma, has made a speech in a serious tone, and demonstrated that it was not in accordance with the comments of his companion.

Friend, it is not so funsaid Maluma

For their part, Have stressed that the singer is a woman that has learned a lot.

In this way, the users proposed cancel J Calvin from this attitude towards the interpreter Anthology.

Also, fans of Shaksaid Maluma always refers to her as the queen noticing his attitude of defence.

This was the exact moment:

It is to be remembered that he and Shakira have worked together on issues such as Blackmail and illegal.

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