The Millie Bobby Brown, of “Stranger Things” was, in the past, Let this is dedicated!


UNITED STATES.- Millie Bobby Brown it is 16 years old and already is emerging as one of the actresses in young people more power in Hollywood. What is a sample? Her celebrity fame was due to his character as Eleven in the film The Strangest Things (2016). Now embarked on another ambitious project with Netflix that goes by the name of The adventures of Enola Holmes. But with all this buzz, to his list of successes is added one more: now is a jewelry designer. Yes! Without a doubt, has shown that age is not a limit for success.

In the year 2019 Millie was the image of the campaign Pandoraan exclusive signature jewelry Danish. On this occasion, it went further and sought his fortune in another aspect: he has participated as a designer of a new line, which will be available in the next few months. Your proposal is composed of several motifs, in the summer, such as, for example, a starfish, a flamingo, a pineapple and a series of links, and a wave of the sea. According to his words, “each one of these ‘charms‘ transport me to the sea and how much fun it can be the summer”.

Another of his designs –with one of his favorite animals– is known for being a turtle. But your idea in general is that these pendants can be used together or separately in pulsea and in the collar of the link you created. The official account on Instagram, Pandora, you can see the rest of the photos of Millie Bobby Brown this colorful campaign that aims to represent the summer in the best way possible, in spite of the health crisis that exists in the world.

Millie Bobby Brown is more mature than ever

It is worth noting that the profile on the network of their hearts, the british actress has released a couple of suggestive photos that performed under the lens of Jason Bell. Each postcard showed a more sensual, mature and beautiful. In some charts we can see she is wearing a dress that is voluminous, in black color, which gives it a more understated look, but with a lot of class. It is almost impensabale that you only have 16 years, with the picture conveys.

In another of the postcards seen Bobby dressed the most stylish and chic, as it seems to be in a casino. Has a dress and a look that is fashion and glamour with the red lips, and a hairstyle reminiscent of the era of the ’80s and’ 90s. The reaction of her fans did not wait. Why did I know that this photographic campaign has come very well to project an image very safe as a professional.