The key to the series for the week of July 6


A new beginning in the New World; unsuccessful attempts, that, restarting; a country shaken by an earthquake of the end of times; Zac Efron, then the saving of us all. The week is full of emotions.

Search the north Dakota


‘The master butcher’ is an adaptation, in just two episodes, of ‘The choir of the master butchers’, the novel Louise Erdrich a master German butcher, inspired by the grandfather of the author, who after the first world war, he moved to North Dakota, where to start a business, a house, and so it is up to a choir. Directs the veteran Uli Edel (‘Yo, Cristina F.’), the screenplay for the Doris Dörrie (the ‘sleeper’ 1985 ‘Men…’). Netflix, on Tuesday, the day 7.

Cate Blanchett in the house


‘Mrs. America’ is not the only series in which we will enjoy in the course of this year, the presence of Cate Blanchett. The goddess the australian also has a role in the secondary, but apparently), the drama of the refugees, ‘Refugees’, which she created with Tony Ayres (‘Glitch’), and Elise McCredie (author of ‘Jack Irish’). In a detention center of immigrants, intersecting the lives of four people: the victim of a cult, a man of afghan separated from his family, and a new body-guard, and the director of the center. Netflix, the on Wednesday, on the 8th day.

It is the end of Japan (and it’s not a pretty sight)


The novel of catastrophe ‘The sinking of Japan’, by Sakyo Komatsu, has been adapted on several occasions in the actual image: Shirô Moritani writer of Kurosawa, she signed her version in 1973, and Shinji Higuchi, who was a master of special effects, followed in 2006; in addition, in a series. Now comes an adaptation animated by Masaaki Yuasa and his companions in the studio Science Saru, who apparently have managed to sublimate the beauty of the book of revelation. Netflix, the Thursday, day 9.

Awareness-raising without t-shirt


In the series of documentaries ‘Zac Efron: down-to-earth’the old teen heartthrob trip Darin Olien, the expert of ‘well-being’, in search of “new perspectives on old problems”. Stops in France, Puerto Rico, Iceland, London or Costa Rica, to collect ideas about forms of sustainable energy and agricultural production. As these adventures Efron with no shirt on to awaken consciences? I hope I will too. Netflix, on Friday, the 10th.