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The Spanish series The girls of the cable the road is open in the harrowing civil war to close its history, that a “huge, worthy and just”, according to the actresses that give life to these four young men who are in friendship with the telephone company in 1928.

Without bursting the plot, Ana Fernández stresses that the outcome of the series, starting tomorrow on Netflix, that will leave the audience with the “open mouth”. “We can not say if it will be happy or not, to find out what there is to see, but what I can advance is that it is going to be quite shocking. We are very proud of the end, it was important to finish this series, which is going to be very fair,” he says.

The five episodes that were pending from the last season are going to make a closed end for the history of the characters of Lydia (Blanca Suárez), Oscar (Ana within the tain), Charlotte (Ana Fernandez), Marga (Nadia De Santiago) and Sofia (Denisse Peña).

These new chapters we are seven months after the end of the first, when Lydia suffers the revenge of Carmen (Concha Velasco) in a re-education centre (places of detention where closure, of people who opposed the Franco regime). But his friends decide to go to his rescue, with the help of Francisco (Yon González).

“Let’s go up to where you need to end up with Carmen,” says Suarez, while Concha Velasco adds: 2the anger and thirst for revenge will cause him even more evil evil”. Comments anticipating a tough battle between the director of the center for rehabilitation and for the girls.

Also, In these last five chapters and Sofia are going to “incarnate” in a girl of the cable more, accepting more responsibility than you are entitled to, in order to “save his family”. “The girls always apañan out of everything, but this time I wanted to give you a hand, so that with your help I’m going to infiltrate in the re-training centre as a nurse and then be able to help them to end up with doña Carmen,” explains Peña.

A character, doña Carmen, that has meant a lot to Velasco, as it highlights the actress, who ensures that this series was the “most important” of his entire career as an actress, both in theatre, in a novel or in a movie.

“The role of doña Carmen means a lot to me, so much so, that I think is the most important of my whole career. I had a good relationship with all the team and I have been so good to me this character means a lot,” says round-the veteran actress.

Next to her, the five young actresses that by 2017 they have given life to those girls of the title, who have forged their friendship at work as operators of a telephone company in the Spain of the years 20, and that, united, we have been faced with sexism, the prison, kidnapping, attacks and even the death of one of their companions.

Today, Ana Fernández, and Ana within the tain to make a budget of everything that has happened after 42 episodes. Their characters have been more protest in the series, both in the role of the struggle for the rights of women and LGBTI+, and they are “very proud” of all that they have built all this time.

“In the series we have tried to give visibility, with love and respect to all the variables that can have life in general, to give visibility to all, without division or classification”, which defends the Heels. In addition, Fernandez adds that in this last season is going to reflect very well the ideals and feelings that lead to the fight from the beginning of the series.

Strugglers, brave, but above all friends, The girls of the cable you reach the end of his story began: together.


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