The best series for this weekend HBO, Amazon, Netflix, and Movistar +


The main platforms for the charter of interesting proposals to see from the beginning to the end during this the first week-end of July. Here we give some recommendations in which we contemplate all kinds of genres.


Generation Kill – 2008 (7 episodes)

Created by David Simon (“The Wire”along with Ed Burns, this mini-series on HBO is based on the novel of the same name by Evan Wright, a journalist of the magazine Rolling Stone I have been involved in a battalion of the navy of the united States during the war in Iraqin the year 2003.

During his 7 episodes, “Generation Kill” displays the days of the the first battalion of marines we arrived in the Middle East. In the cast are celebrated actors such as Alexander Skarsgard, James Ransone, Kellan Lutz and Ray Orchards.

Angels in America – 2003 (6 episodes)

Located 80, “Angels in America” account, through the lives of Prior Walter (Justin Kirk) and Roy Cohn (Al Pacino), two different points of view on fear and ignorance which had in the american society with regard to the AIDS.

In addition to Pacino and Kirk, the cast are prominent figures like Meryl Streep, Jeffrey Wright, Patrick Wilson, Mary-Louise Parker and Emma Thompson.

The production, of just 6 chapters, it is an approach that is interesting about the AIDS, with shows. “Angels in America”, has won the the Golden Globe and the Emmy “Best Miniseries”.

Watchmen – 2019 (9 episodes)

Based on the comic of the DC, created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, “Watchmen” is a great plan for this weekend, because it was one of the large productions last year by HBO.

The cost of this adaptation has been, neither more nor less, that Damon Lindelof (“Lost” and “Leftovers”).

The superhero story is done 34 years later the events of the series of graphic novels, in an alternate reality.

In this context, observersafter being seen as heroes, was banned for their violent methods.

For us, no doubt, was the most spectacular of 2019.


Fleabag – 2 seasons

See the two seasons of one of the best series of humorous british cost only five hours. Ideal plan for the weekend.

It tells the story of a young man of questionable intentions, who lives in London and who, after a tragic event, the staff, tells the story of his everyday life with much humor.

The particular tone that has been known to give the great actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge has really caught on with fans of Fleabag and has allowed us to get the Emmy as Best actress for comedy”.

The Widow – 2019 (8 episodes)

Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) has been widow after the death of her husband Will (Matthew Le Nevez) in a plane crash during a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Three years after the tragic fact, is watching television and sees a man very very similar to him in a story about civil unrest in the african country. The woman decides to go look for him.

Count with the help of a congolese journalist and a former associate of her husband. It is thus that he discovers that a man very powerful he has been involved in an accident.

Hunters – 2020 (10 episodes)

The year began movidito on Amazon with the premiere of “The hunters”the protagonists Al Pacino. With 10 episodes and good reviews, is an excellent choice for the weekend.

The series follows in the steps of a band of hunters of nazis that discover, at the end of the years 70, that senior officials are planning to create a The Fourth Reich in the united States.

After this revelation, the group will carry out a bloody mission to reflect the plans of the genocide.


Believe me – 2019 (6 episodes)

The series tells the true story of Marie (Kaitlyn Dever), a young girl of 18 years she was raped in her apartment. At the time of making the complaint, the police do not take it seriously.

Your family neither do we believe and the girl, incredibly, has to retract his initial complaint.

All seems lost, until two years after the fact, two detectives investigate cases of rape and to arrive at the truth.

“Believe me” is based on the research article “An incredible story of a rape”which in 2016 received a Pulitzer Prize.

Bonding – 2019 (7 episodes)

Tiff (Zoe Levin) and Pete (Brendan Scannell) are two teenage friends a special. She studies at a university in new york and works as a dominatrix.

To relieve the stress of everyday life, recruits his best friend from high school, a gay guy who will be your assistant.

It is an interesting story, full of black humor and without any kind of taboo. Another point in favor of “Bonding” is that it is only 2 hours of the end of the week.

This shit beyond me – 2020 (7 episodes)

If you enjoyed “The end of the f***ing world”it is very likely that this story will capture you from the beginning to the end.

And is his creator, Jonathan Entwistleback to Netflix with this adaptation of the graphic novel by Charles Forsman of the same name.

“This shit beyond me” it’s amazing, has a great dose of humor and, at times, until it is bloody. 7 episodes will leave you wanting more.

Movistar +

Kidding – 2 seasons

The return of the great Jim Carrey the small screen did not disappoint at all. Maybe it’s because in the “Joking” has gone back to work with Michel Gondry, director of “Forget about me”one of the film’s most memorable actor.

The series tells the story of an idol of a child who does everything possible to hide a life full of the misery.

Each season of “Joking” is composed of 10 episodes, which last only half an hourthat makes it an excellent choice to view over the weekend.

Wild – 2019 (6 episodes)

Iddler Chaouch, of Arabic origin, leads the polls to become the the next president of Francethe generation of maximum tension between the factions, the most radical of the islamic community in the country.

“The Savages” it is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Sabri Louatah and is a good option for those who love politics stories.

The corridor of death – 2019 (4 episodes)

This miniseries, based on true events, tells the story of the judicial process that ended with the imprisonment of the Spanish-american Pablo Ibar in the united States.

In January 2004, in Florida appeared dead Casimir Sucharskithe owner of a night club, and two models for 25 years, Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers.

From here, we started a process, full of irregularities and practically without evidencethat ended with the conviction of the Ibar.