The best film of the drama, and of time, to view online


The vintage moviescan always be a source of escapism in difficult times, but if you are tired of seeing the stifling ventilation, gardens, strictly cut and pretenders puritans, as always, here we have the alternative: a list of movies that play with our expectations of the genre and take it beyond. With a combination of soundtracks post-punk, racing lobsters, casting, which does not take into account the color of the actors and of the illicit business, allow us to see the history with a new lens and, as a result, it feels surprisingly modern.

The last piece that joins this list is The Great, on Hulu, a raucous reworking of the character of Catherine The Great and her rise to powerwith the radiant Elle Fanning as the main character. In front of the global launch of this series, we offer our list of these 10 luxurious, ingenious and unconventional film, the historical drama, which you can enjoy right now.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette

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With the mountains lined with 80s Pop, lusty dances of masks and merodeos night inside the palace of Versailles, Sofia Coppola, who presents his version of the kingdom of the ill-fated French king in a way cheerfully subversive. Here is embodied by a then relatively little known Kirsten Dunstit is represented as an exuberant boy who seeks solace in his marriage without love in hedonism without restraint. A pair of Manolo Blahniks that seem to be candy for their prom dresses full of ruffles, the film is a visual feast that allows you to indulge in worldly pleasures of the time.

Wuthering Heights (2011)

Wuthering Heights

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Elementary, erotic, full of desire: so it’s like Andrea Arnold recreates the novel of the nineteenth century, Emily Brontë. Solomon Glave and James Howson are the responsibility of the incarnations of Heathcliff, the young and the young — is the the first time that this hero byroniano is represented by actors, black — while Shannon Beer, and Kaya Scodelario play the indomitable Cathy, a couple who happens to be good friends of children, running through different scenarios, and the hills blown by the wind, adults with a love that is mutually destructive.

Belle (2013)


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This drama of fainting Amma Asante has an exceptional true story. Gugu Mbatha-Raw play Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mestiza daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy. Born as a slave in the EIGHTEENTH century becomes the heir of that attracts many admirers, until an idealistic lawyer (Sam Reid) catches his attention. Their relationship has marked the political awakening of Dido, who will take into consideration your position in the company against the people of color are still treated as property.

Lady Macbeth (2016)

Lady Macbeth

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It is impossible to take your eyes off of Florence Pugh in this thriller in the style of Hitchcock William Oldroyd, located in the Northumbria of the NINETEENTH century. Here to play a teenage girl has married a tyrant much older than her (Paul Hilton) and that she is forbidden to leave the property in which they live. When you must travel to meet their business, has a taste for freedom, you’ll love a bred (Cosmo Jarvis) and deciding to take control of your life. The acting is unforgettable, the decoration of the sets are pristine, and the voltage-boggling.

Love And Friendship (2016)

Love And Friendship

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The acid guile Jane Austen takes the center of this social satire Whit Stillmanbased on the novel of letters Lady Susan. Kate Beckinsale gives life to the the charismatic widowdesperate for ensure your future and that of her young daughter (Morfydd Clark), through marriage. House-to-house, a rich friend and the other, completely decorated with hats with feathers and layers of silk, it will be lovely, everything that you know to plan your next move. This tape is full of moments that will allow you to release a gust of laughter, cameos, surprise and a shocking final.

The Preferred (2018)

The Preferred

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The court of queen Anne (Olivia Colman), in the EIGHTEENTH century, is the scene of this dark comedy and the absurd on the power struggles and palace intrigues of Yorgos Lanthimos. Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone are great playing the two ruthless favourite of the monarch, who try to move from one to the other at all costs. To occupy their days, in practice, shooting, racing lobsters, toss the fruit for men and slip randomly poison in cups of tea without supervision. Best of all: here there is not a single damsel in distress in sight.

Colette (2018)


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The veteran of the tapes of time Keira Knightley shines like the French novelist in this love letter to Paris of the NINETEENTH century Wash Westmoreland. You will get married with Henry Gauthier-Villars (Dominic West) and write Claudine à l’école, that will be published with the signature of the husband. Your success will be to rebel in the first place through passionate love affairs with women and then claiming your authorship. Costumes, hats canotiers straw, shirts with puffed sleeves and tailored suits are only to make the film more interesting.

Portrait of the jeune fille en feu (the Portrait of a young man in flames) (2019)

Portrait of the jeune fille en feu

An artist (Noémie Merlant) arrives on a deserted island in great Britain at the beginning of this fascinating love story set in the EIGHTEENTH century, by Céline Sciamma. Commissioned to paint the portrait of a tormented young woman (Adele Haenel), who is betrothed to a noble milanese. In the course of the sessions, the couple embarks on a secret relationship and dares to imagine a world where they could be together. The final product is both fascinating and revolutionary in its celebration of the feminine look.

Little Women (2019)

Little Women

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Ambition in women is what best describes this the recreation of the beloved classic by Louisa May Alcott made by Greta Gerwig. Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson and Eliza Scanlen are as beautiful as the sisters March, the release of the guys that organize plays, formed a secret society and develop a deep understanding of the relationship between art and commerce. How to pursue their dreams in New York, Paris and home, in Concord, Massachusetts van the opening phase of the beyond the limits imposed on women of her time.

Emma (2020)


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Witty and sarcastic outputs, naked male poachers, and the scene of a proposal that has been interrupted by the unexpected bleeding from the nose are some of the elements that make this adaptation of Jane Austenvery far from what we are used to seeing, which makes Autumn de Wilde. Anya Taylor-Joy shines like the matchmaker that is determined to find a single suitable for your new friend (Mia Goth). The candidates, Johnny Flynn, Josh O’connor, Callum Turner — are warmly seductive, interiors decorated in pastel tones, exquisite costume and ostentatious.

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