the best collaborations of Jay-Z


Jay Z he has dominated the hip-hop for more than two decades, but also knows when to highlight to the other, giving breaks soon for the emerging talents, such as young people. Kanye Westor exaggerating to suit the tastes of Rihanna and Mariah Carey with the lyrics, the guests give their seal of approval. To celebrate its 50th birthday, we look at 14 reasons why Jay-Z and company have earned the right to lead this city.

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Run this Town: The best collaborations of Jay-Z Notorious BIG (feat Jay-Z and Angela Winbush), “I Love The Dough’ (1997)

Having appeared with her partner, of Brooklyn, Biggie Smalls, in 1997 the year Biggie died, Jay-Z has received the honor of opening the materialistic “I Love Pasta”. Excerpted from Life After Death, the last posthumous album, Biggie, has helped to set the stage, Jay-Z has taken on the mantle of the Great rapper alive.
Directs the letter of this city: “we have Pushed the best V’s, peel fast through the city, play monopoly with real money”

Mariah Carey (feat Jay-Z): ‘Heartbreaker’ (1999)

Up to the fall of a to half-way, the contributions of Jay-Z is more in the mold of the hype of the old school (thanks to DJ Clue; the exhortations to “bounce well”), but his appearance in “Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey, in the united States. ‘marked an important step in the world of pop, and has helped to give Carey street credibility at the beginning of the millennium.
He addresses this letter to the city: “She want love in the jacuzzi, rub the film / the crib, keys to the newbie”

Jay-Z (feat Beyonce): ’03 Bonnie & Clyde ” (2002)

When you go out together to a song for the first time, Jay-Z, with respect to its new relationship with the future Queen Bey so much with the notorious outlaws of the era of the depression, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, as the pair of power R&B Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Fifteen years later, the song was prophetic: Mr. and Mrs. Carter continue to be the unstoppable force that is spread all over the world.
He addresses this letter to the city: “Because the mother is a pilot and I am a roller and / or what has brought Us together, how we are going to stop at two? The one on the left, I am right over her shoulder / When I’m off track, mami is keeping me focused “

Beyoncé (feat Jay-Z): ‘Crazy In Love’ (2003)

It may be that Beyoncé has taken the name of her husband for the world tour of the Mrs Carter Show in 2013-14, but ‘Crazy In Love’ is his show, and Jay Z is, in large measure, Mr. Knowles. Built around an infectious sample of ” are you My Woman (Tell Me So) ” de the Chi-Lites, the song was a success, inevitable during the summer of 2003, the year in which Jay Z and Beyonce album that topped the charts, and hova dropped some of their best verses guest.
Direct this letter of the city: “Yes, lord, I am cut from a different cloth / My texture is the best fur of chinchilla”

Pharrell (feat Jay-Z): ‘Frontin’ (2003)

N * E * R * D mastermind production Pharrell Williams it was one of the few people who came to challenge the dominance of the lists of Jay-Z at the beginning of the years 00. His first solo single, ‘Frontin’ ‘, honed his style of improvisation, slow, funk, funk, leaving enough space for Jay-Z to slip in a verse, that allows you to personality more and more honest emotionally.
He addresses this letter to the city: “To tell you the truth, I cast to the foot, this HOV / Am I too old to be the face of what I feel”

Jay-Z / Linkin Park: ‘Numb / Encore’ (2004)

Dominate comfortably to the pop scene, Jay-Z, fixing his eyes on the world of rock, joining the group, crossover, rap-metal of Linkin Park for an EP fully collaborative given the title Collision course. However, the single ‘Numb / Encore’ reached your goal, and found Jay-Z performing the song with the group at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, to see that the icon of hip-hop has a stage usually reserved for acts of rock and metal.
Directs the letter to this city: “I’m in Boeing Jets, Global Express the country but the Blueberry still connect”

Kanye West (feat Jay-Z): “Diamonds from Sierre Leone (Remix)’ (2005)

Jay-Z has given Kanye West and his first big break when he hired the young Yeezy to produce five tracks in his album of 2001, The project. Four years later, Kanye asked a few questions about his friendship to allow Jay-Z to take a remix of ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ as a hostage with one of his best verses, but still a fantastic moment in the career of both men.
Directs the letter of this city: “I Sold kilos of coke, I think I can sell CDS / I’m Not a businessman, I’m a business, man”

Lupe Fiasco (feat Jay-Z): ‘Pressure’ (2006)

In the mid – ‘ 00, Jay-Z was the dispersion verses and guests such as $ 100 bills, giving Lupe Fiasco 45 seconds of your time, enough to give his approval to the newcomer, remembering all the others who, two decades after the match, Jay the story of Z of the roads has been complete.
He addresses this letter to the city: “My first photo was a workout, now I’m in Forbes”

Nas (feat Jay-Z): ‘Black Republican’ (2006)

If the Nas has perfected a strain of rap-laden soul and funk with Illmatic, in 1994, a decade later, I was ready to declare that “hip-hop is dead”, the album of 2006 with the same name. During the rhythms of the funeral proper, the couple combines their first difficult years with its richness of the last few days, declaring his love for his roots.
He addresses this letter to the city: “I feel like a republican black, money I got coming in / I can’t give you back the hood, I got love for them”

Rihanna (feat Jay-Z): ‘Umbrella’ (2007)

Rihanna has no need of presentation for their third album, Good girl gone bad. However, Jay-Z was present to predict the success in the introduction of its first top chart is global, ‘Umbrella’.
Directs the letter of this city: “In anticipation of rain / Stack chips for the rainy day / Jay, Rain Man is back / Little Miss Sunshine”

Jay-Z (feat Alicia Keys): Empire State Of Mind ” (2009)

An update of the twenty-first century Frank Sinatra‘s’ New York, New York ‘,’ Empire State Of Mind ‘reminded the world that hip-hop was born in the Big Apple. A long love letter to the city from which it originated, and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys has given New York a new anthem which has caught all the possibilities of the original Sinatra.
He addresses this letter to the city: “I’m the new Sinatra, and since I came here, I can do it anywhere, yea, they love me everywhere”

Jay-Z (feat Kaye West and Rihanna): ‘Run this Town’ (2009)

Jay-Z was in the mood militant when the decade began with the 11 September has come to an end. If ‘Empire State Of Mind’ is a love letter, ‘Run this Town’ was a manifesto that found Jay-Z’s recruitment of Kanye West and Rihanna for a declaration not of independence, but of domination.
Directs the letter of this city: “This is the Nation of Roc, promises of fidelity, and put on your uniform, all black everything / black Cards, black cars, all black everything”

Jay-Z and Kanye West: ‘Ni__as in Paris’ (2011)

Ten years after working together on The project, Jay-Z, hova and Yeezy exchanged verses on the hedonistic, without apology. Watch the throne album, incitándose each other along ‘Ni__as In Paris’, which runs through the streets of the French capital into a song that forces you to submit, and not apologize for it.
He addresses this letter to the city: “What are 50 thousand dollars for a bastard like me? / Me you can remember?”

Kanye West (feat Jay-Z, Rock Ross, Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj): Monster (2011)

If Kanye West was ready to let their impulses the more obscure amotinaran My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyI was in good company in a ‘Monster’. One of its main features, not only presented the newcomer Nicki Minaj to the world one of his best rounds guestshe also gave Jay-Z a way out for a little bit of fury and the terrible repression.
Directs the letter to this city: “None of you ni__ has seen the carnage that I’ve seen / I still hear the screams of the demons in my dreams Murder, murder in securities that are convertible into the black / I kill the block, The killer, the avenues”