Netflix has reopened the debate about the idealization of abuse in relationships


Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele (Courtesy)

But in reality, the question that many are asking is: What are these books, which are the cause of so much furor? And there is more, because these accounts are eligible to be translated into the film, when the genre that motivates them has existed for centuries?

The company has advanced and with it, have shot down some of the taboos related to sex. Even in a “macho” culture such as that of Latin america, these novels, in addition to awaken the hidden passions by the readers, tend to promote the importance of female sexuality, and invite the women to know more in this area and leave behind this belief that man is the only one that has sexual needs. In the end, it speaks of the books written by women and directed, especially for the women.

Compared to the works of authors such as Marguerite Duras (The lover), the Marquis de Sade (Juliette), D. H. Lawrence (TheLady Chatterley’s lover), Henry Miller (Sexus), Pauline Réage (History of Or), Anaïs Nin (Delta of Venus) or Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita), to name a few big names of the universal literature, the novels of E. L. James, or Blanka Lipinska look, much lower, is because they do not have the elaborate and significant to the plots of its predecessors, nor its richness in the use of language and his powerful ability to do “fantasize” to the readers.

Even so, these novels and soft porn are imposed on the taste of the film industry, always hungry for stories that the “smell” of potential blockbusters. Let’s say that in these works is the essence of the romantic movie that Hollywood refuses to renew, even if you have been presented with more or less degrees of badness. The formula is always the same: nice man, a millionaire and romantic get to save or be saved by the protagonist, a beautiful girl, sensual, bored and unsatisfied, that still believes in the men of fairy tales. The truth is that, if you removed the sex scenes, such adaptations do not pass to be stories Disney style.

Loved or hated

The idealization of the characters in this type of film, in particular, that of Christian Grey, and now the Italian Massimo (Michael Morrone) 365 DNI, has aroused different reactions of the audience, while the critics did not hesitate to love them to hate them.

There are already a thing of the past discussions disorders or psychological is exposed by the character of Grey. Now, the focus of pointing to the new purchase, licentious, Netflix and the writer Blanka Lipinska, to which are attributed the same errors that are exposed by the specialists in the histories of their predecessors: the experts agree on the fact that, again, his stories tend to “idealize” abusive behaviors in relationships; the abuse, in particular against women.

On this occasion, the conveyor belt is assumed as the “normal” Stockholm syndrome, when the protagonist falls in love with her kidnapper, without resistance, and with a fantasy that, at the end, not far from the submission. This gives Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), the female character of 365 DNIcharacteristics so frivolous that makes a woman completely stereotyped, not much different from the innocent Anastasia Steele.

With dialogues without any sense, urdidos only in order to establish between the stars a re-release of the game of cat and mouse, the resolution of conflicts between the couple ends up in sex scenes that do not widen the connection between them. It is clear, for many, the adaptation of 365 DNI it was marked with a single goal: to make the novel a film is “soft porn” that can be transmitted through Netflix; that is to say, without background and with a love story not very believable, where, in addition, a negative effect the common element in this production, and, in 50 shades of Grey: the machismo expressed in the male figures presented as true driver will always take what they want and keep their “love” (or victims? waiting for constant on what you expect them to be in a relationship.

In 2013, one of the studies conducted on the phenomenon of 50 shades was one of three researchers from the University of Michigan, in the united States, Amy E. Bonomi, Lauren E. Altenburger, and Nicole L. Walton, the right Oh double shit!!!!: Child abuse and identity damaged in the 50 shades of Christian Grey and published in the journal Journal of Women’s Health.

In this study, the experts conclude that the novel of E. L. James romantiza sexual violence and emotional abuse by the male protagonist like this, “controls all aspects of the relationship between the two using tactics such as harassment, isolation, threats, intimidation, and humiliation”. In addition, they add, “it’s the perpetuation of the norms of substance abuse and dangerous, however, is to be chosen as a book of romantic, erotic, for women”.

For Bonomi, the problem of these readings or films to become popular (or viral) lies in the fact that it can influence badly the young minds that have a greater tendency to follow and imitate the behavior they see in these characters; in other words, these films are marketed as “romantic and sensual” just to reiterate and to mask the models of behaviour that is harmful to both the perpetrators as on the victims.

Fortunately, this perception is not the same for all. There are those that tend to analyze and weigh the positive and negative, in this type of content, which can lead to disappointment and annoyance rather than consider such conduct as a reference.

Massimo and Laura in the scenes of 365 DNI (Courtesy)

What is certain is that, as a counterpart to the great debate which has re-opened between the popular opinion with the trilogy, Lipinska, whose sequel will start to be recorded when the normalization of the situation created by the pandemic of coronavirus, books such as this, 50 shades of Grey or Ask me what you want have become part of the literary culture of young people, and that they did, in a positive way, the resistance to the erotic literature is almost gone; today, his reading emerges as an alternative for those who wish to immerse themselves in the different stories that lead them to imagine, and the desire to experience other experiences in your intimate life.

The face of phenomena such as 50 shades of Grey and now 365 DNI the most healthy is to promote and the media, and from their character as works of fiction, and invite the reader to approach gender as a tool to enhance their fantasies, these books and their respective movies should be read and viewed with a critical eye, able to distinguish reality from illusion. Understand, in any case, it is the “Disney for adults”.