Natalia Barulich speaks of the “toxic” relationship he had with Maluma


It has already been several months since Maluma and Natalia Barulich ended their relationship. The couple was the envy of many social networks, so in love that they looked through their social networks. The couple, who met during the filming of the video clip Happy 4 beyond 2017, he shared a year and a half together.

However, seven months after the model talked about her relationship with the singer, from a very different position. This ensures that, looking with the perspective, has been immersed in a relationship “very toxic”.

When you felt sad, confused. Something like that I lost the relationship, but the relationship for me was very toxic, so I knew that I did not miss the real thing, but that I had lost an idea that I had created in my mind, that in reality does not exist” said Natalia in a statement to GQ magazine.

The model ensures that she has given “the 100% and received the maximum of 20%” on the part of the colombian. But, then, why are you still with him? According to the express, sometimes Maluma were the details that made him believe in the relationship, and that is why it was a struggle for her. “I felt that I was living for my partner“, he added.

“Is not love”

As in every relationship, after a break, there are always two versions. Natalia wanted to come clean and share your, confessing what went wrong at the end Maluma, “these things will not survive the night, until the morning“but happy to have been away from a relationship in which I felt that she was not.

Even so, he does not regret all that I’ve lived with the artist and the happy moments. “I made love and many times one is blinded by those things. I don’t regret this, but oh well… Not loved me enough to be able to get away, and, finally, I bit the bullet, I had to do“added Barulich.

When the artist speaks to their friends about their relationships, you feel identified with the toxic relationships that come out to the debate, and what is clear: “That is not love.