Lindsay Lohan celebrates birthday number 34 and shares his teachings | News


After his success as a little girl, Lindsay Lohan it has been the subject of a scandal, however, the passage of time has brought various learning. This Thursday, the actress celebrated her birthday number 34, an occasion which he used to share a deep reflection on his life. “It was my birthday and I had a day of really beautiful”, he says at the beginning of the video that you’ve shared on Instagram, which has the title of ‘Gratitude’. “During these difficult times, I feel that I have learned to understand the simplicity of life and birthdayshe continued: ” the star of Mean Girls. “I was thinking of how many birthdays I’ve had were so extravagant and lucky that we only had to be surrounded by people who love us and the people who love them and as a simple is the key,” said the actress, who like many, has lived a birthday other than due to the pandemic. “Now I am 34 years old and it was a beautiful day and I am very happy grateful to have good people in my life and I hope to share with others in my work and in everything you do from here forward,” concluded Lindsay before saying farewell to his followers, by sending a kiss. Previously, the actress had shared a nostalgic picture of his childhood, and which evidently had not reached the success with Double Game. How many “stars” of Hollywood, Lohan has had to take a break in their career due to the contingency by the coronavirus. The interpreter has worked on several projects, including Damna horror movie that you can share with credits Mickey Rourke. Also, recently mentioned his intention to participate in a sequel Mean Girlsone of the tapes most emblematic. “Of course, I would say yes. Return with a movie like that would be my dream, because to be honest I have not done one in a long period of time. That would be my maximum”he has confessed in an interview to DailyMailTV the month of April.