Kim Kardashian is not a billionaire, says Forbes


Once again Forbes is going against of the Kardashian family, because they not only discredit Kylie Jenner, because now he was against Kim Kardashian deny that reality it is not millions of dollars.

This came after the wife of Kanye West festejara on the social network Twitter that the entrepreneur had exceeded billion dollars in profits, thanks to the sale of 20% your signature, cosmetics, KKW.

I am very proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West to officially become a billionaire. You’ve overcome the storms more crazy, and now God is shining on you and our family.”

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I felt so lucky for the life that I made this still life. You want to,” he wrote.

But now apparently things are not as raised on the basis of the one who wrote the famous magazine.

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It is worth mentioning that this is the the second time going up against the family Kardashian-Jenner, for in the month of June, the magazine has been removed from your list, Kylie.

This is why last year it was considered to be like the young man more rich of the world, relying on a the fortune of a billion dollars with only 21 years old.

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However, the magazine pulled an article in which the extraction of the club of the billionaires, for what turned out to be the truth of what was approved last year.

Now, as for what Kim, Forbes has clarified that the fortune of the socialite is evaluated at the $ 900 millionthen you are missing 100 million euros from the group of billionarios of the world.

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According to the magazine, Kim yes the majority owner of of the company, with the participation of the 72%but Kris Jenner has the 8%so that the participation of his mother, prevented him to be part of that list.