Jennifer Garner becomes Jean Gray in the new Fan Art


A new fan art has been imagined for Jennifer Garner as Jean Grey the X-Men within the MCU. Created by legends of the comic book Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Jean she made her debut inside the pages of the The X-Men #1 in 1963. Born with the mutant gene, the powers of telepathy and telekinetic of Jean he proved in his youth, when he saw his childhood friend. getting hit by a car. In spite of some of the dead and raids involuntary in villainy cosmic, the character has undergone over the decades as one of the leading members of the popular superhero team Charles Xavierboth the page as in the animation.

The character has been played two times at the cinema. Famke Janssen he made his debut as a Jean Gray in X-Men 2000, before returning to the paper well in evidence in the two direct sequel. Janssen he was last seen doing a cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014. The new chapter of the franchise would be a younger version of the character played by Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones. The English actress is then returned as Jean Gray for X-Men: The Dark Phoenix. Cosmic has marked the second time the franchise has attempted to adapt the popular story of the comics, without which none of the two resonates with the public. With Marvel Studios claiming rights when Disney acquired Foxit is expected that the character will restart with the new cast in the next few years, possibly with a final version of the saga Dark Phoenix.

Thanks to an artist called Datrintifans can now see how it would be if Garner to get the role. Apparently commissioned by a fan of the work of the artist, digital painting, incredibly made you have to Jean wear a disguise in full and unleash its powers. This version of Jean Gray it has a more cosmic, and another that has already been set for the Strength of the Phoenix.

Garner came to fame, for the first time, the spy of the CIA Sydney Bristow. Created by J. J. Abramsthe program has a duration of five seasons between 2001 and 2006. Since then, Garner he has enjoyed several roles on the big screen, including Junorecognized by the Oscarand very popular Love, Simon. Neither is a stranger to the ribbons of superheroes, from the time that he starred in Daredevil in 2003, the main character in its spin-off releases, Elektra. Recently he has shown that he still has the ability to act with his role Riley North in Peppermint. In a twist of fun, one of the names in the key of espionage of his character in Alias, however, it turned out to be “Phoenix”.