It was painful losing the role of Spider-Man – The Journal of the state of Coahuila


Asa Butterfield he confessed that the fact of not getting the role of Spider-Man interested him at the time.

In an interview with “Collider,” the actor said that the script was liked, so they gave the best of him to win the role.

“Once in a while there is a part that you really want, and a script that you love, and, in some way, you put your heart and your soul in him, and not what you get”.

Despite having suffered the news that Tom Holland was chosen to play Peter Parker in the Films of the Marvel Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English), the british tried to see the positive side.

“It is difficult, but often you realize that there will be something better. And, in the case of Spider-Man, I’ve finished recording the Sex Education and would not have been able to do both things at the same time”.


The artist 23-year-old said that he had in mind a different interpretation of the Marvel hero, something that may not appeal to the directors.

Butterfield recognized by Tom Holland with the character, who debuted in the film “Captain America: Civil War” in 2016.

“Tom has done incredible things with something totally different, and I think that worked very well in this universe and, in that aspect, I could never do that.”