For Clarence Acuña, not as an iconic nickname: “I don’t identify with that of Brad Pitt” | Sport


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FILE | Agence France-Presse

The former player and former national team Clarence Acuñahe said he does not feel very comfortable with an iconic nickname that you drag from the Qualification to the World cup in France 1998.

In a conversation with Redgol, the former footballer reminded him of when he was baptized by Eduardo Bonvallet as “Brad Pitt”.

“At the end gives me the same thing. It is a nickname, a nickname like that there are 30,000 more, but I didn’t identify anything with it,” he left, Wedged in between the laughter.

“I prefer a thousand times the other type of things. But, once again, I’m not heated, I do not go up or down, I’ll take it as a” dimension, complete the world cup France 98′.

On the origin of the nickname, Acuña said, “that was something Bonvallet, once appeared to me to be with lenses, it seems that because of this. Was with lenses not more.”