Feid launches remix Porfa next to Maluma and J Balvin


Since then, the song he has successfully climbed the lists of popularity on Spotify.

“It was pure calls. The call, I jogging, one, the other. It was like a surgical operation. I had to have the patience to bring it all together, and I think it came out very well,” said Feid.

The video clip of the remix it was recorded in Miami at the home of the Quiles in times of quarantine, even if J Calvin, and Sech has sent his contribution to the audiovisual material in their respective countries.

“Everything was different, it was a video of super house that we recorded in the house of Justin, we had a luxury production, and artists of luxury. Calvin recorded from Colombia, Sech from Panama, and we were in Miami yes, we recorded it together,” he said.

But, why make another version of a song that has already been used with success? To make a Feid remix it is a challenge that is worth to preserve the identity of the genre urban.

“Make a remix a song that was already so locked up, is always a challenge and a risk. Make a remix they don’t have a why, is something cultural reggaeton” he said.

In addition, it could be a way to show that support is provided to each of the other exponents of the genre, or a particular way to share in the success of inviting other voices to join in a song that already enjoys popularity.

“I think that when a song is located, it is nice to keep the rhythm of that song. And that opens more doors for him as an artist, but, most of all, it is a cultural issue in reggaeton” he said.

The young singer has described himself as a romantic in spite of you to listen and reggaeton, a sound that many today are singing the love of a bolder.

“I do not believe that the reggaeton dictate the parameters to follow in a couple relationship, what is the reggaeton is to sing the type of relationship that exists today,” he said when she the influence of sex, urban on those who hear it.

“I am romantic and I listen to reggaeton. I believe that there is music for everyone,” he added, explaining why it is possible to be romantic and, at the same time, listen to reggaeton.

In terms of how it was the experience of working with Maluma and J Balvin, commented:

“Well, silly, because we all have our imaginary boundaries. I first worked with Calvin, and only work with Maluma in their previous album, and in Fresh Kerias. My song part of my recent album FERXXO VOL 1: M. O. R. Joseph (Calvin) who I know from many years ago. It was a crazy, apart from that, having to Nicky Jam and Sech, was a goal you achieved that all of this is happening.”

“They were the best friends that I’ve had in Miami. And even if all there are for other sides, Panama, Puerto Rico, that year was special. I have my own history as a composer. Sech with his history and career in Panama. There are five artists and composers, that we are in Miami. I learned a lot from them and I’ve polished a lot, thanks to the composition sessions. They were all great writing and that helped me to ask more of myself and reach another level.”

In these times of confinement Feid claims to have discovered that he likes the solitude, but do not do without the companionship of music.

“I love to be alone in the house (laughter). I think that to pass this quarantine without music would be very difficult.”