Feid bring down their “imaginary boundaries”, and meets with J Balvin and Maluma


The reguetonero colombian Feid managed second in collaboration with his fellow-J Balvin and Maluma remix of his success Does with Justin Quiles, who has involved Nicky Jam, and Sech, which has become the song that is coming out this Friday of collaboration most important of his career.

“There are times that you must break down the borders imagined”, admits the singer-songwriter Efe on the new invitation to colleagues, even if I already knew “for a long time” since the three are natives of Medellín.

A special ingredient of this new topic of discussion, according to the Feid, and the participation of colombian manufacturer Sky (Breaking), with whom he worked on the remix “with extreme care during the weeks of imprisonment order to contain the pandemic coronavirus.

“It was pure fun. I worked for a period of rest with Calvin, and I recently worked with Maluma in my previous disc,” said the artist, who for some reason seemed to be “too much” for two in one of their songs.

That, without counting with the participation of Nicky Jam, who is considered one of the “masters” of the genre and of the panamanian Sech, one of his greatest friends.
To be able to coordinate the agendas of their colleagues has not been easy, because he has had to resort to the “pure calls (calls)”.

“I have called you, the I move. One, the other… it Was a surgical operation. I had to have the patience to bring it all together, and I think it came out very well,” he said.

Even if Feid is professionally in the field of music by the year of 2015 your career, grabbed speed when he entered Quiles, Lenny Tavarez, Rafael Pabon, Dalex and Sech, in a group called “The Avengers”.

“It’s a collective very special. It feels like the people who were my friends in Miami for a year, and even though we’re all for the other sides, Panama, Puerto Rico, that year was special. I have my own history as a composer, Sech, its history and the career of Panama, Lenny with his artistic career,” said Feid, when we talk about a group that led last year with the album “The Academy”
“I learned a lot from them and I’ve polished it a lot because the sessions it was another level. All of them were difficult to write, and no one wanted to make a bar bad, and helped me to take more of my flow and get to another level,” he recalled.

Specifically, the artists involved in the new remix of “doing”, whose original version already has 52 million views on YouTube, called “galactic” because they have taken the song “another galaxy.”