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Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, “The Political” is a comedy-drama Netflix that revolves around Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), a student of wealthy Santa Barbara, California, from the age of 7 years, he knew to be the president of the united States. But first you have to learn to manage the political landscape and the most insidious of them all: high school San Sebastian.

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To be elected President of the Student Council, to get a job at the university of Harvard and stay on your journey to success, Payton has to be more cunning than his ruthless classmates, without sacrificing their own morality or his image, carefully crafted.

The Political”, starring Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Bob Balaban, Laura Dreyfuss, David Corenswet, Julia Schlaepfer, Theo Germaine, Rahne Jones, and Benjamin Barrett, has received an order of two seasons.

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The seven new episodes, which focus on the quixotic campaign of Payton to the senator for your state, are available in Netflix recently, from Friday 19 June 2020, but the users of the platform to ask for a third delivery.

The Political | The best of Payton and Georgina Hobart


The giant of the streaming has not yet confirmed a third season of “The Political” but previously the producer and co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed to The Hollywood Reporter had predicted that the series has five seasons and, in all, Payton is this an election different, until you get to the presidential election.

However, in a recent interview with Collider, he said that the third chapter might be the last. “I’d like to do, and I think that all those who are involved in this, probably we would like to make three seasons in total.”

“And I think that where it ends the second season, what I’d like to do is take a couple of years and make a Well Platt to grow a little for their last race,” he said about the future of fiction Netflix.

“That, of course, will be a presidential race, right? That is always what we had planned, and I think that is our plan. I’m going to wait for Ben is young, so I want to wait a couple of years to find out as you grow older a little. But this has always been my plan,” he added.

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What would happen in a possible third season
What would happen in a possible third season of “The Political”?
(Photo: Netflix)


If Netflix renewed “The Political” for a third season, the more likely it is that the episodes should be released sometime in 2022, considering that Murphy is going to take a couple of years of rest.

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Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), Payton (Ben Platt, McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), James (Theo Germaine) and the isle of Skye (Rahne Jones) in season 2 of
Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), Payton (Ben Platt, McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), James (Theo Germaine) and the isle of Skye (Rahne Jones) in season 2 of “The Political” (Photo: Netflix)


  1. New York in the look at. Frustrated by his numbers in the polls, Payton asks you to help Georgina and consider the use of love the secret life of your opponent to win political points.
  2. Three is a crowd. Astrid tries to get details on the love affairs of Payton, Hadassah plot of a cover-up for Dede, and McAfee seeks a balance between their work and personal life.
  3. The culture of the cancellation. Payton wants to save his campaign after a crisis of credibility because of an incriminating image, and his promises to address climate change.
  4. A last chance. The research by McAfee reveals a secret explosive, the relationship of Payton are fruitful, and the connection between Georgina and Tino becomes a problem.
  5. Voters. The day of the election, a mother discusses with her daughter, who is the best option between Payton and Dede, what drives them to spend some time with your favorite candidate.
  6. What’s in the urn? A surprising turn in the surveys, put Payton at a crossroads of ethics and morality that would define the rest of his political career and his life.
  7. Elections. The race for the Senate is in the game, and Payton and Dede are preparing for a showdown with unconventional. But a last minute decision, everything changes.


Watch the trailer of the Political series on Netflix

The Trailer of the Political


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