Ariana Grande makes a notice concerning the election of the EE.UU


Ariana Grande has already demonstrated on several occasions his involvement with american politics. This time it has done so the sharing of a message in your account of Instagram, which encouraged their almost 200 thousand followers to participate in the day of the primary elections of the past June 23.

In less than 6 hours, the publication had already reached more than 340 thousand “likes”. And is that the singer is not only a great artist but also as a point of reference for many generations, new and less new.

Previously, Ariana Grande had already issued several publications that included the participation of the voters in the primary of the month of June. These are held in the various states that make up the united States with their social networks as a claim.

59 u.s. presidential elections to be held on 3 November, and Ariana Grande has already made clear on previous occasions, that their vote will not go for the re-election of Donald Trumpto be critical of the choices of the current president of the united States. In addition, the artist has shown publicly his support to the democratic party, fotografiándose next to Bernie Sanders, who eventually left the primary in favor of Joe Biden.

The singer is one of the many artists that has supported the movement #BlackLivesMatter these last few weeks, using their social networks to launch important messages to all their followers. All against racism, by going to the events caused by the death of an american citizen George Floyd.

Ariana Grande, uses her speaker in the media to convey messages to their followers about mutual respect and tolerance. For the same reason, encourages participation in the democratic process of the country.