Angelina Jolie moved by the message to mothers that they are going to adopt a child


Angelina Jolie is one of the actresses most recognized in Hollywood. But it is also a human rights activist and an amazing mother of six children. With the experience that belongs to him, has released a touching message for moms who plan to adopt a child.

Of the six children of the artist, the three main adopted in different countries. Angelina has been known to bring a family with children adopted and biological, remains a source of inspiration for many women and proving that is all its small to put in granite sand for the good of humanity.

Angelina Jolie with their six children Angelina Jolie together with their six children. – Agencies

Through an interview she gave to the issue of India’s Vogue magazine, Angelina Jolie has said all that he has learned over the years in this aspect as a mother: “Each method (adoption or pregnancy) is a nice way to make a family. With my adopted children, I can not speak of the pregnancy, but I tell you with much detail and love as it was the journey to find them and how did they look them in the eyes for the first time,” he said.

“They are all equipped with a beautiful mystery”

Angelina Jolie has said that for her, both the adoption and the orphanage, are words that have a content very positive. And he stressed the importance for the world to be more open to talk about these issues. About their experience of adoption, the actress has a nice concept.

“All adopted children are equipped with a beautiful mystery of a world that will know that your (…) when they come from another ethnic group, and a foreign country, this mystery, this gift is the most comprehensive,” he said.

The actress said that has always had a clear communication with their adopted children and speak with their roots: ”Should never lose touch of where they come from. Honoring your roots is to learn from them,” he said.

Angelina Jolie has said that children must not come alone to the world of adoptionbut that parents should interfere with the total responsibility in this process, What beautiful thoughts!

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