Will Smith has starred in a horror movie, Jordan Peele


June 30, 2020 1:12

Universal Pictures has grossed the sum of 124 million dollars, with “The invisible man”. Now, by going for more and wants Will Smith for a new film.

Elisabeth Mos in “The invisible man”.

For those who don’t know who Jordan Peele, tell them that your are successes as CandymanYou and Let me go. After filling the pockets of Universal Pictures (Comcast NBCUniversal) with “The invisible man” the book of Leigh Whannell) and have swelled the accounts of this american giant, with $ 124 million dollar financial to go by Will Smith for the new saga.

So today, the Jordan is the news that even without having released his latest film (scheduled for the month of September of this year) has been invited by Universal Pictures to go to more. While no Universal confirmed, the news is very large. In addition is left for you to transcend that Elisabeth Mosto accompany Will Smith.

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Trailer Of Candyman


All this is run from an old publication of Daniel Richtman. In her left to see that Ryan Gosling would have signed with Universal Pictures for a film and after a time this was true. The entertainment companies are the most benefited, after the boundaries that have been developed today throughout the planet. Productions that can serve to feed the catalogue of content platforms on-demand.

So is that Universal Pictures follows with folders full of projects that will be developed in the course of months, so it is not surprising if soon appears on the promo of this new film with Will Smith and Elisabeth Moss. As you know, the same corporation, american entertainment would have already in mind the following titles: Frankenstein, Dracula and The Bride of Frankenstein (bride of Frankenstein).

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