What happened on the 3rd of July?


On a day like today, 3 July 1957, Nikita Khrushchev takes control of the Soviet Union to eliminate his opponents the most serious positions of government authority.

Years after, the 3 July 1971, dies Jim Morrison, the lead singer of “The Doors”. The artist is dead in the bathtub of his Paris apartment due to heart failure aggravated by excessive consumption of alcohol. Want to know more? Find out what happened to July 3.

What happened on the 3rd of July?

In Spain

3 July
Adolfo Suárez

1970: in the Massif of Montseny (Catalonia) happens the accident of the Comet 4 of Dan-Air, leaving a balance of 112 victims.
1976After the end of the Dictatorship of Franco, Adolfo Suárez was appointed president of the government.
1997: in the yard of Valencia killed 18 workers in a road accident after an explosion of fuel in the boat to Test the Spirit.
1999: in Majorca (Balearic islands), was inaugurated on the stadium of Are Moix.
2004the secretary general of the PSOE, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, was re-elected with 95% of the delegates to the federal congress of his own party.
2005: enters into force the law that allows marriage between people of the same sex.
2006: Valencia killed 43 people in an accident in the subway and 150 passengers evacuated.
2007: the swiss team of Alinghi wins the 32nd.° Edition of the America’s Cup of sailing held in Valencia (Spain) in the seventh race.3

In the world

3 July
Adly Mansour

1955: In presidential elections, for the first time in Mexico, the women go to the polls to cast their vote.
1962president De Gaulle announces that France has not recognized the independence of Algeria, which officially ends the War of independence.
1985: in the united States, the preview of the film Back to the Future (Back to the future), one of the most successful movies in the history of cinema.
1992: in the city of Oro Verde (Argentina) finished eight bioengineers, the first snack of the Faculty of Engineering belonging to the National University of entre Ríos (UNER). Since then, this date is celebrated in Argentina on the Day of the Bioengineer.
1993: in the department of Quiché (Guatemala) is shot to death, Jorge Carpio Nicolle (candidate for president), together with three members of the UCN during a political tour in the west of the country.
1998: the launch of the japanese probe Nozomi to Mars, but months after, able to enter the orbit of mars.
2002: launch of the space probe Contour, which will stop working a couple of weeks later.
2013Cairo (Egypt), the armed forces, which have overthrown the president Mohamed Morsi, after four days of mass protests. Adly Mansour, the president of the Supreme Court) is declared president.

Born on the 3rd of July?

In Spain

3 July
Pep Munné

1888: Ramón Gómez de la Serna, a writer.
1889: Trifon Gomez, the politician and trade unionist.
1914: Antonio Ventosa López, an engineer and academic.
1914By : Joan Vinyoli, the poet.
1920: Gaby, clown.
1929Pedro Iturralde, a saxophonist.
1930: Eloy Ybáñez Well, diplomatic.
(1945: Miguel Cestau, a pelotari.
(1945: Gualberto Garcia, a musician.
1948By : Luis Martínez Noval, political.
1953Pep Munné, actor.
1958: Angel Acebes, the political.
1958By : Agustín Cuesta, basketball player.
1958: Juan Antonio Larrañaga, american.
1959: José Baselga, physician.
1960: Josu Erkoreka, political.
1961From : José Antonio Sobrino, physical.
1966: Daniel Plaza, an athlete.
1968José Manuel Villegas, political.
1970By : David Square, a cyclist.
1978: Paul Galdo, pianist.
1979: Berta Collado, a presenter, and journalist.
1980From : Jorge Suquet, actor.

In the world

3 July
Kevin Hart

1906: George Sanders, british actor.
1921: Susan Peters, american actress.
1927: Ken Russell, british director.
1940: Fontella Bass, singer and american composer .
(1945: Michael Martin, Martin Baron of Springburn, british politician.
1949: Masato Harada, the actor and director japanese.
1955: Bruce Altman, an american actor.
1959: David Shore, writer and producer of the canadian.
1960: Vince Clarke, singer, composer and keyboardist for the English band Depeche Mode.
1962: Tom Cruise, american actor.
1965: Tommy Flanagan, scottish actor.
1965: Connie Nielsen, Danish actress.
1971: Julian Assange, the spokesperson and director of the website WikiLeaks.
1973: Patrick Wilson, american actor and singer.
1976: Andrea Barber, american actress.
1980: Kevin Hart, american comedian.
1980: Olivia Munn, american actress.
1992: Nathalia Ramos, actress and singer hispanoestadounidense.

Horoscope: Which zodiac sign are those born on the 3rd of July?

The cancer

Died on the 3rd of July?

In Spain

3 July
Rafael Martínez-Simancas

1946Francesc Ferriol i Carreras, architect.
1963By : Francisco Moreno Zuleta, political.
1969: Joaquin Planell Riera, military and political.
1997: Eduardo Fernández Blanco, a politician.
2000: Enric Miralles, architect.
2009By : Maria Asuncion Català poch, mathematician and astronomer.
2014: Rafael Martínez-Simancas, journalist and writer.

In the world

3 July
Diana Douglas

1969: Brian Jones, british musician, founder and lead guitarist of the band the Rolling Stones.
1971Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the band the Doors (no. 1943).
1978: James Daly, american actor.
1985José Rodolfo Ghioldi, president of argentina.
1985: Nelson Leigh, actor american.
1987: Viola Dana, american actress.
1995: Pancho Gonzales, american tennis player.
1999By : Mark Sandman, singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer american.
2005By : Alberto Lattuada, Italian film director.
2006: Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, the american soprano.
2006: Luis García Pardo, architect of uruguay.
2006Benjamin Hendrickson, american actor.
2012: Andy Griffith, american actor and singer .
2015the s, actress bermudan-american.

What is celebrated on the 3rd of July?

3 July
Day of the Bioengineer

The day of the Announcer.
Day of the Bioengineer.