what does it mean and why is it called so? Angelina Jolie confesses


Almost a month ago (may 27) Shiloh Jolie Pitt celebrated her birthday on the 14, with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (although his mom and dad do not coincide in the same party and decided to arrange his son of the two events separately, in the company of the brothers of the now adolescent).

For both the Hollywood star and your children are a priority and are willing to do everything that is in their hands, to have a better life. Some people are surprised when they were revealed the first photos of Shiloh Jolie after the treatment of sex change, but it is not a secret that Brad and Angelina have always supported you have been given all the freedom to discover his own identity and defend it.

‘She likes to dress like a boy and wants to be a child, we had to cut the hair… Think that is one of your brothers’, revealed the protagonist of ‘Maleficent’ years ago, in an interview.

From the moment that the daughter of Brad and Angelina was very small, he said that he preferred to call it ‘John’, requires that the two parents were supportive from the beginning. For this reason, make sure that you want to lean more with that name, given that it goes best with their gender identity.