The response from the team of ‘365 DNI’ (‘365 days) compared to ‘Fifty Shades’ after the controversy with the film


365 DNI‘(‘365 days) is in the process of one of the film’s most discussed of the moment with the dispute by. the tape in Polish is based on the homonymous novel of the writer Blanka Lipinska.

The plot tells the story of Laura Biel, Anna-Maria Sieklucka), a young executive who becomes the obsession of a Maximum of Torricelli (Michele Morrone), a head of the sicilian mafia, which is maintained for 365 with the goal of which is to fall in love with him.

After his first there have been many comments that have compared the film with sex saga ‘Fifty Shadesthe protagonist Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, which up to now has been the most important exponent of this genre.

In a recent interview to ‘VarietyBartek Cierlicadirector of photography of ” 365 days he answered the question about the similarities between the two films and we say that in the video above of the news.

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