The question of the user of Twitch for a suggestive content of some streamers


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Twitch has a huge selection of categories with content focused on video games, food, and entertainment in general. However, it is well known that, at times, to sections of video games, the streamers typically include suggestive content or sexual references, implied or explicit. Well, this trend is now causing a user requires to Twitch for millions of dollars.

According to a report Dexertothe member of the Contraction Erik Estavillo has filed a lawsuit against the platform, claiming that this site has been exposed to “the content is too suggestive and sexual for several streamers of women.”

According to the legal documents, which exposes Dexertothe user, who is a member of the First and Turbo, filed the lawsuit in the Supreme Court of California and she explains that she suffers from several health consequences, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic. Among these diseases is the addiction to sex, which is aggravated with the use of the platform, which was exposed during the birth.

Twitch does not make it impossible to avoid the sexual content in the streams of the games

His condition is worsened because of the algorithm of the Contraction makes it almost impossible for the user to avoid the inappropriate content of some of the streamers, especially the women. According to reports Dexerto, Estavillo assures that, in the absence of a filter with which you can select streamers for sex, the system provides a “game and/or category to view, with thumbnails, with these women with very little clothing, just like men.”

The document also highlights that the actor and the other users who are in search of toys that are exposed to the “material and sexually engaging on a consistent and regular daily basis,” some streamers between the above-mentioned well-known young people of the platform, such as Alinity, Loserfruit, Pokimane, Pink_Sparkles, Amouranth and ST Fishing. In addition to this, the complainant said that Twitch is a system of donations to streamers that serves as an immediate gratification which promotes this type of content that is similar to what makes a casino.

The user seeks to be compensated with millions of dollars

Because of the damage caused, Estavillo is seeking to be compensated with $25 BILLION, which would both pay the legal costs of the process as the other members of the Contraction in the First Turbo, while the remaining would be donated to charitable organizations for the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19), and supports the movement Black Lives Matter. In addition, the user is encouraged to Contort to cancel immediately, or the problem banneos permanent for all youth that are cited in the document, like other creators of content that does not comply with the platform terms of service.

Estavillo filed the lawsuit last June 15, a court and a summons has come to Contract on the 19th of June. It is important to say that, as reported by Dexertothe user also has sued companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Blizzard, for reasons that are not exposed.

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