The hidden fear that Rafael Nadal is to play the two Slam this year


The hidden fear that Rafael Nadal is to play the two Slam this year

“When I hit a new ball, my arm, I hurt in several places… my wrist, elbow,… When you’re out of action, the risk of injury is much greater when you exercise…”

admitted Rafael Nadal some time ago, the thought of his return on tour after a pandemic has subsided. Rafael Nadal has a lot of fears, with the idea of playing in two grand Slams. Before the global crisis of health, Rafael Nadal is in search of a way to capture the many tournaments and trophies.

He had won the French Open on Dominic Thiem, the Rogers Cup and the Us Open against Daniil Medvedev. Go ahead and win the Mexico Open, his third title in his career on Taylor Fritz.

But a fear that Nadal is back from inactivity and not compete, as he will soon, when you play in the united States. The lesion is in his mind, and uncle Toni has told the media that “the calendar is absurd, there are too many major tournaments in a couple of weeks…

the calendar is going up against veteran players with multiple titles,” there is Also the idea not to do it also in addition of injury. The Spanish to defend their titles in both Slams and you are not sure that you will be able to achieve that feat.

He had won the title of the French Open last year, on Dominic Thiem in four sets difficult.

Rafael Nadal would have to defend the Us Open and Roland Garros.

The idea of winning both again after all this time of inactivity will begin to be questionable.

“You don’t have 20 years… your physical and mental well-being are the first priority …” , said her coach Carlos Moya. Of course, another concern is to continue to play during the pandemic and, possibly, the contracting coronavirus.

The world has improved to some extent with the epidemic, but the players learn about the diseases and then there is the Adria of Novak Djokovic. But that is a particular situation that are not the maximum of protection for a world that still has the virus, no matter how diminished.

Nadal admits that he said, “it would be nice to play without fans… but what I’m seeing, despite the fact that things are getting better for our sport, I see no prudent way to compete again in the short term”

Many simply don’t want to jump to conclusions or say that you are not going to play because of the pandemic. Presumably she will play the Open EE. UU. and then Roland Garros, the big two, most of the players need to play competitive and most of the money after it has been idle for 4 or 5 months.

The Citi Open in Washington DC will be the next tournament, who knows, will be the principal players or participants now. Previously, the Volvo Open in Charleston has been reformatted to be in the Credit of A Bank Invitational and included the 16 best players and teams, which proved to be a success.

Are also form other tournaments in the united States, which are having positive effects. But for the 4 or 5 best players, not only on the side of men but also of women, many have decided not to risk it until next year.

Novak Djokovic, Ashleigh Barty and Simona Halep have had negative thoughts about the idea. At this point, those hidden fears Rafael Nadal still prevail and the result will definitely not be an advantage for the fans and the promoters.