the enigmas of a mother and grandmother of 44 years


The enigmatic Sia Kate Isobelle Furler lives in a year full of changes. Last January, the australian singer has revealed that he had become mother after the adoption of a boy of 18 years and in may desvelaba were two young people who had come to his house. Now his new family has grown, because it has become grandmother double with 44 years.

“My youngest son has just had two children. I am a freaking grandma!!!” said the interpreter, laughing at a talk for the podcast of dj Zane Lowe. The interpreter Chandelier ensures that the boys call Nana, a name that is often used with the grandmothers, but that you are trying to change Lovey (something like “treasure”), which is called by her grandchildren, Kris Jenner, mother of Kardashian sisters, friends of Both.

Both arrive at the feast of 'Vanity Fair' Oscars of 2017, in Beverly Hills, California

Both arrive at the feast of ‘Vanity Fair’ Oscars of 2017, in Beverly Hills, California
(Evan Agostini / GTRES)

The desire to be the mother of hermetic came to light in may of last year, when he explained that he had been struck by the stories that have collected the series of documentaries Foster HBO on system for the reception of minors in Los Angeles. The singer has moved me to know that when they are 18 years of age are left out of the security services, and of many completely homeless, without housing or work.

Adopted with 18 years

The eldest son of the singer has just done a grandmother of two grandchildren and the son, who is gay “is in full bloom, is the light of my life,” said to Be

The story of Dasani, a teenager of 16 years that I have spent my entire life jumping from one foster family to another made a dent in the interpreter, from a medium that is not very orthodox for these cases, like Twitter, was offered to protect him. In the end, adopted two young people of 18 years of age, although it is not known if Dasani is one of them. The guys are already 19 years and “find (confinement) very difficult, one more than the other. But they are doing really good things for them.” In addition to surprise, explaining that one has already done a grandmother, Sia has revealed that her son is gay and “just came out of the closet”: “it Is in full bloom, it is the light of my life… I love Him very much.”

Are friends

Both the dj Diplo: “I want to Stay single for the rest of my days and I just took; I don’t have time for anything romantic… But if you’re interested in sex no strings attached, let me know”

When the singer has released her new role of mother, in the magazine GQ in the month of January, also took the opportunity to launch another message to his friend Thomas Wesley,

“one of the most interesting and most talented” and who knows. “A big part of our interaction is based on trying to not go to bed together, so as not to spoil our professional relationship, because he is a man incredibly sexy,” said Both dj and producer. And desvelaba that he had sent a message that is very significant: “You’re one of the five people in this world that attracts me sexually. I decided to stay single for the rest of my days and I just adopted, so I don’t have time for anything romantic… But if you’re interested in sex no strings attached, let me know.”

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo

For Diplothat by 2018 is part of the supergroup, LSD, and composed of Both, and Labrinth, has been linked with various artists, including singers Katy Perry and Gross and the actress Kate Hudson. With your ex-spouse Kathryn Lockhart he had two sons, Lazer and Lockett Pentz, and last march, he was born a third, of Rhythm, of the relationship with Jevon Kingmodel and exmiss Trinidad and Tobago.

The dj and producer Diplo

The dj and producer Diplo

Two years married

The interpreter was divorced in 2016, the documentary director Erik Anders Lang, with whom it maintains good relationship

The filmmaker Erik Anders Lang and singer Sia attend the fiestadel premiere of 'Love' for the 2014 Los Angeles

The filmmaker Erik Anders Lang and singer Sia attend the fiestadel premiere of ‘Love’ for the 2014 Los Angeles
(Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty)

Both, who rose to fame for songs such as Diamonds or Umbrella for Rihanna and then it became your own theme in great successes, to be divorced in 2016 of the archivist Erik Anders Langnow dump on the golf course, the sport has a poscast. Their marriage lasted only two years, but continue to maintain a good relationship.

The singer says that he hides his face to escape the control of the public and has been annealed suffering self-esteem issues. “Mainly I say ” you are fat, fat, fat”.In spite of these developments, that hides with large hair buns and wigs two-tone, please do not hesitate to share on social networks, a naked photos to avoid that other lucraran the publication of some photos that they took without your consent.

The Syndrome Of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Both had problems with alcohol and drugs, and she suffers from a hereditary condition that causes fragility of the skin

The artist, although he was responsible to keep his private life, he also recognized that he had problems with alcohol and drugs in his youth, and last year he revealed that he suffers from a hereditary disorder that results in fragility of the skin, in the form of bruising with the greatest of ease, the blood vessels that are easily damaged: “Hello, I’m suffering chronic paina neurological disease and The Syndrome Of Ehlers Danlos Syndromeand I just wanted to say to all those who suffer from pain, physical or emotional, I want to go next. Life is fucking difficult, the pain is demoralizing, but you are not alone”. Now, that’s not what it is, and lives obsessed with a family that continues to grow.