That was so cute! Demi Lovato and her emotional photo on Instagram


The famous singer and actress, Demi Lovatois the protagonist in the best moment of his career, after having suffered a sharp relapse in drug use. Despite his depression and his disappearance in social networks, the exartista Disney not only returned with many ideas for your artistic career, but also showed his new love. After the storm, it seems that he got his style of the life of a princess.

A year after dismissing the rehabilitation, Demi is facing a new phase of your life. With the help of her boyfriend, Max Ehrich, the young celebrity became a laugh. The culprit for your happiness, it has not been separated from the singer when he met her. Despite the fact that the welcome to Max was an accident, camera angles, and the truth was revealed, and his fans are very happy for her.

A new beginning

After having suffered many criticisms from different edges in your daily life, Demi Lovato decided not to continue to hide the man of their dreams. To break the taboo, the interpreter of “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry”, he decided to share with more than 82 million followers, a beautiful picture full of love. Through its official account of Instagram, said, “I Had an incredible weekend in the magical desert of Joshua Tree, with my love.”

Coupled with this, the celebrity that accompanied his photography to tell a bit of their day-to-day. “I went to work on a project, but it was very nice to go for a couple of days… thanks for making me so happy and loved. I like to go on adventures with you ps️ ps“. To conclude his message, he has decided to thank the author of the photography of the media. “Thanks @ lyndan99 to take these photos of curious and be our third wheel this week-end!!! Is Molas.”

The images that showed Demi Lovato through the social network of the shots, managed to capture the love of more than 3 million fans. In addition, at least 11 thousand users, he decided to go over and comment on the race of the immortal. It is worth noting, that a few weeks ago, it became known that the singer was planning her path to the altar, it seems that the only hope that her boyfriend get a method for the Disney, to ask her to marry me.