Sophie Turner is inspired by the comfortable makeup style Irina Shayk for the final stretch of pregnancy


With Sophie Turner we passed by as soon as will be able to notice the pregnancy, because I almost always wore baggy clothes that is not allowed to appreciate their belly especially the first few months, to be witnesses of his sharp curve of motherhood during the final stretch of the gestation. Their usual walks through the streets of Los Angeles with her husband, Joe, Jonas, have become a catwalk of style. Days ago we could see with a sporty look that adapts perfectly to the body, and those who boasted most of your pregnancy and now, taking advantage of the summer has already arrived, which surprises us again with styling of the most of the summer that could have been taken from the wardrobe of the very Irina Shayk.

sophie turner

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Judging by his look, everything seems to indicate that the actress has taken as a reference in one of the tricks and stylistic elements repeated from the model when you want to be comfortable: wear tights cycling combined with the heads of the court oversize. And, if Irina is more in favour of combining them with men’s shirts or minidresses, Sophie has preferred to opt for a comfortable t-shirt base, of green colour of the signature Oasis. As a final finishing touch, the british have added some flat sandals black Kurt Geigerunlike the dummy, which is often the game for the loot in the military, or sports shoes. But it is not the first time that the actress bet for this uniform air informal and casual for a stroll, saw that a few weeks ago has led to the same pattern of style, which leads us to think that this duo off-road has become their combo favorite to face the final stretch of pregnancy with comfort, estilazo and, of course, without dying of the heat in the attempt.

irina shayk

For his part, Joeit is not separated from his girlfriend, or a time, also opted for a summery look and aesthetic light-hearted. In this way, it is confirmed that the couple is going through one of its stages, more candies, and not only with the arrival of their first son (we still don’t know if it is a girl or a boy), but also because the next month of July, we celebrate their first wedding anniversary (although in may, it had already been given the ‘yes I do’ in las Vegas). Many are the international media which claim that the couple will be out of the accounts in the brief, so that, sooner rather than later we will be able to see, once again, Sophie and Joe show off your good taste to dress, but this time with a baby in her arms.

sophie joe