Rosalia asked Harry Styles to invite you to painting nails together


Rosalia asked Harry Styles to invite the nails painted together
Photos: GettyImages; Rosalia, Harry Styles

In addition to the shirts of the flamenco style, fur coats, and the famous “oh, between, between,!”, one of the fundamental characteristics of the Spanish singer Rosalie, 26 years, is its long nails with an extravagant manicure with applications that almost defy the laws of gravity. By themselves, the nails of Monica are a topic of conversation that raises no speech.

With its music, video and Aute Culture (2019) in which he takes a breathtaking nails gold extra long, the Catalan crowned as the queen of ‘nail art’ avant-garde, and almost at the same time (we had never noticed the relationship), the singer british Harry Styles has become the king of the ‘manicure’; both using the nail Polish as a form of expression.

The singer has opened up more than ever Twitter by telling their fans respond to their questions. He confessed some personal data, as inspirations, and favorite ice cream, but it was not until the mexican Anna (@SlayAnny), also a fan of Harry Styles, she asked, “And Harry Styles?”, that Rosalía mentioned to Harry and asked for an appointment to get the manicure.

This unexpected answer caused mix in social networks, giving the fans the hopes of a possible collaboration between them and since then, has generated thousands of reactions and memes, some said that Harry would not answer, because you do not speak Spanish, while others are a bit more optimistic, such as “do your nails while you are writing a song of passage”.

It is not a secret that the artists behind the manicure of these celebrities. For several years, Rosalia trust the nails for the stay Dvine Nails of Barcelona, which takes around two hours to make the manicure; while Harry Styles is going since the break up of A Direction with the manicure Britney Tokyo, to which he always gives the white paper.