Oh Tom Holland could put on the costume of Spider-man before expected!


Only when Sony I was going to start the filming of the delay “Uncharted” the coronavirus has been declared a pandemic and the production was stopped during her first day. For the rest the new movie Tom Hollandtogether with another of their most eagerly awaited titles. However, the study is strong in marking his return as soon as possible. Even with the third chapter of the saga Spidermanwhich apparently is already marked a provisional date.

Originally “Spiderman 3” I had planned to begin his principal photography in the month of July, but these plans were postponed because of the COVID-19. Even so, a recent casting call indicates that the studio is moving their chip to start the production in the month of September. It was already announced that part of the places would be New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Iceland.

Unlike other titles of the same type, it should be noted that it is clear that there is not much available on the film. At the moment, is completely lacking of a cast, the descriptions of the characters and the plot. At the beginning of this month, it was reported that Sony was also trying to put together a plan of production, in particular for the “Uncharted” for the next couple of weeks.

This plan would be to roll the sockets to Tom Holland first, in order that he might be free for his work “Spiderman 3” in the month of September or October next. These reports remain unconfirmed at the time of the writing of this article. Although little is known of the tape, according to the latest events presented in “Spider-man-Away-From-Home”, many fans already have their own theories on the film.

A large part of the fans, they expected that the Peter Parker of the Netherlands, called the services of a lawyer, as you are in need of legal assistance. The proposal of the fandom, without a doubt, that aims to Matt Murdock (alias Daredevil). A little luck for them, if it is the Murdock appears, it will not be the version of the character played by Charlie Cox. “Spiderman 3” is currently scheduled to debut on the 5th of November, 2021.