Norma Palafox, influential networks


GUADALAJARA, Jal.- The presence of the Standard of Palafox in the women’s football in our country has crossed the boundaries of a playing field. The opposite of Guadalajara, has found a niche different, where at the moment, trendy brand at a global level.

His constant activity and the growth of social networks has generated a lot of comments against and in favor of what has been done by Norma Palafox, however, the sample with Chivas Woman sees no problem with this and ensures that his work on the green rectangle does not change by being aware of the social networks.

“Before, I thought that it was fought to play football and to dedicate myself to the networks, it seemed that they are going to say that I have dedicated myself to do more things on social networks that I want to do in football, but not really. I am on social networks, do not remove my commitment, my desire that I have to leave everything on the field, I am stuck at one hundred percent, that is where I want to go.”

Engage your social network not take the time to Rule, who does not feel that will affect your performance in matches or training sessions so that they can join in the activities to find a balance.

“If given the chance to have these two at the same time, that the truth is not lost a lot of the time, it is not that I stop training, or do not surrender in the court because you post something, I see it that way, it is not fought, they are opportunities to exploit. I do it because I like it, is for me a well, it’s not a fight, each player can do, and well, I see it this way.”

At 21 years of age, Norm was the second player in the world with the greatest impact in networks, to be a body guard for the american Alex Morgan. The front of the red and white of records of 4.1 million followers, figures who were taken by surprise.

“I had no idea of the statistics until I spoke to my representative about the situation. For me it was a great satisfaction to give to think that anyone can, that is where you come from what you can get, and the truth, how was work, nothing is random, nothing falls from the sky, thank God I am given the opportunity”.

Standard Palafox goes under the brand name of Ruby and the title of goleo

The output of Ruby Soto of Spain left their mark, goal of the historical 20 notes. Now, for this new tournament, Under Palafox will try to take the role of protagonist and leader of the team in attack.

Two objectives are set in Accordance with. The title of goleo and, accordingly, seek to overcome the sign of Ruby along the Opening in 2020.

“One of my goals is to be the champion of goleo, if this amount is to exceed the mark, or be a historian, because the truth would be a great satisfaction. Right now, while we are still adding goals to the team, for my account, nothing happens. I hope that will give me the chance, always the one who dreams of this kind of things, but my priority now is a lot more to add, add, add, if it happens, well, I’m happy.”

His return to the courts was not expected and that has left a hunger to win in Standard. The red front and white ensures that fans will be able to see a new version of it, dreaming to feel again the important moments in the club, as a championship.

“I have to bring something stuck, I wanted to recover, to be better than ever, to live a championship, be in those phases of the total stress on the team and continue to enjoy. It came with a lot of enthusiasm to continue to improve to be the best for the team, but this is what happened, and I’m still hungry. I still have many things that I want to draw, I hope to see a new version of me. I bring a lot of hunger and desire to give everything on the field”.