Netflix previews of “Ju-On: Origins,” its new series, prequel to “The curse”


“Ju-on: the Beginning”, this is a new series Netflix based on one of the franchise horror of the most successful and prolific started in 1998 with a short film, and then expanding to several movies, with a new universe from the story, created by Takashi Shimizu.

Starring the japanese actors Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yuina Kuroshima, Ririka, and Koki Osamura; the synopsis of this new production, says: “Returns the history of a truth more terrifying than fiction. Can be persecuted by this house to escape his curse, and that type of incident grim has happened in this house, damn in the past?”.

From these slogansthe story, based on traditions of mythological japanese and a vision of the surreal to the terrifying, focuses on a researcher of the paranormal research without interruption a haunted house, where a mother and son event with the horrible experience many years ago.

Classic reversionado from the genesis of the myth

In the new format series “Ju-On: The Beginning”as is clear from the title in this first season, back to its roots in the genesis of the stories already seenfor example, in the films of Shimizu “The curse,” led by Sarah Michelle Gellar, and with the production of a specialist of the genre, Sam Raimi.

“Ju-on” offers a new look at the classic of the genre, this year has been a successful remake on the big screen under the direction of Nicolas the Fish. In this way we try to deepen the saga usually converted in to classic during the decade of the nineties.

Filmed in japanese, the series will cover the disturbing events that accompanied the birth of the original myth. Also the way in which it can be understood as a kind of proposal, which explores the origins of what is terrifying from a new perspective.

The ten episodes for the first season they are available on Netflix beginning Friday, July 3.