Miley Cyrus: a metamorphosis is incredible


The famous singer Miley Cyrusgave a turn to his life, which turned out to be unexpected. Despite the fact that in a first time the celebrity was accustomed to controversy, and now he has shown the world a great humanity. All his fans were surprised, then look at the tender girl of Disney, to become an adult woman, more mature, and full of reproach before the world.

To break with the sweetness of the house of the mouse, the famous decided to share all of the new personalities for 2010. After reaching his majority, came out of a series that has made it famous, dubbed the “Hannah Montanawith the aim to break with this image of the child and the tender that accompanied her during many days of your life. After this, he pulled out his single “Can’t be tamed”, the Spanish translation would be something like: I can’t be tamed.

Young rebel Vs Young philanthropist

Miley CyrusI went from a life of a princess, to be filled with excess. The holidays, the consumption of drugs and the various scandals that could star, are not able to fit in with philanthropy, which is able to express through the various social networks. In addition to that, he spent about six months completely sober and without any type of chemical running through your body. After that worry about, for many, is the change.

At present, it is one of the celebrities who have said “present” to give a helping hand, not only for those who are affected by the new coronavirus; but also by the growing wave that emerged after the killing of an african american man at the hands of the american police force. Although it is still very young, has shown great maturity after the strong events of the year 2020, and has made more of a charity work.

In the case of Miley Cyruscould be similar to what is shown Justin Bieber. Both stars conquered the world, being still very young, and the actions of their acts, and took part in the “black list ” celebrities”. Listing who has decided to leave to form part of one of the stars more concerned and occupied with the good causes. In fact, Miley was awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences to recreate his followers through a program of.