Maria Teresa Campos and David Broncano perrean to the rhythm of Maluma


He has a loyal legion of followers that will not lose its deliveries to the new Youtube channel has opened. Maria Teresa Campos continues Tangled all types of well-known faces of the television to address the various issues related to the health and well-being. In the latest installment, humorist David Broncano came the call of the veteran presenter, and is the protagonist of a funny moment at the end of the interview. Spent a bit of time relaxing and pleasant in the chat The resistance and to remember the visit he made to Maria Theresa for the program. Received, in addition to the call of love of the actress Candela Peña, who is filming the new season of the series Ironon the island of the same name. “Now I really want to go to the Peninsula,” said the interpreter, who has expressed his desire to see you when you return.

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As he danced with his granddaughter, Alessandra, to the same song

This is not the first time the mother of the Terelu shows his skills for dancing, since you’ve already done on more than one occasion with her granddaughter, Alexandra. On that occasion seemed to be to the bottom of the same piece that has now joined the comedian, 11 PMthe subject of Maluma. With ease and naturalness, showing that it is the best of his teachers, of his niece, Maria Teresa was moved over next to David, the savings that I have made clear, the safety distance. Between laughter and dirty dancing, have rejected this part of the space to give step-by-Meli Camacho, specialist in health and appearance.

Maria Teresa Campos and David BroncanoVIEW GALLERY

Maria Teresa Campos gives a new step towards success as an ‘influencer’

Maria Teresa Campos is back on television with a lot of black humor…

The technological revolution of the presenter is not left alone in their space on Youtube, because he has also done a public profile on Instagram in just two days has passed 4,000 followers. Maria Teresa has just celebrated his 79th birthday centered in this new professional phase that counts with the collaboration of his daughter Carmen, who is listed as director of this format of Youtubre. Because of the situation of health, he celebrated his birthday alone with his family, with his daughter Terelu, and Carmen, who was with her husband José Carlos Bernal, and their grandchildren, Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Almoguerra. Also joined Rocío Carrasco, who is like a daughter for the tv presenter, and her husband Fidel Albiac.

Maria Teresa Campos and David BroncanoVIEW GALLERY