J Calvin makes fun of Shakira and users are going against you


It came in an interview in which I was also Maluma, who has tried to defend the colombian.

In an interview to zoom that were present Maluma, Black Eyed Peas, and J Calvin, the latter made a couple of comments of mockery about Shakira that have made the internet explode against the reguetonero.

The three artists were to do a joint interview on the occasion of the presentation of the new album of the Black Eyed Peas, a job that is closer to the Latin sounds and features collaborations with accuracy, J Balvin, Maluma and Shakira.

At a certain point, the speaker asks the Will.I.Are with whom they had to be more flexible, if with Maluma, or Calvin, what the lead singer of the band revealed: “Shakira”. In that moment, a loud burst of laughter from J Calvin invaded the scene, while the rest of the members of the group began to laugh.

Maluma immediately came out to defend the colombian saying phrases such as “Hey, friend, is not fun” or “this is another story”trying to change the subject. Recodemos that both colombian artists are very good friends and have collaborated on several songs.

For its part, J Calvin, who have always quarrelled with Shakira, added: “I never work with Shakira… I think that it must be so”. It will be.I.Are rephrased his answer and said that he had been as a school to learn how to collaborate with Shakira due to so strictly in the works.

“Actually, I learned a lot from her, because his way of working is as if you were at school. She knows that every aspect of a song, and helped me to improve many things. ( … ) before the phase 1, phase 2, then 3…”explained the singer of the Black Eyed Peas.

“Then it’s back to step 1. You can get to the point 7, or 10, and eventually return to 1. The 1 is the 1”said J Calvin. The tone and laughter of the comment is not like anything the fans of Shakira, who quickly launched a media campaign to criticize the colombian.

“When you cantabas in schools, appeared in the commercial motorcycle AKT, and no one gave a miserable burden to you, Shakira has inaugurated her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”said a woman, remembering that the Barranquilla requires several decades of success. “Shakira has more talent in the navel by J Calvin in his entire life. That you clean your mouth before speaking of the queen”posted by another person on Twitter.

Photo: Instagram/Shutterstock.