I will reveal the reasons! Zac Efron will not be the same as the “Guardians of the Bay”


It seems that Zac Efron it is going through a decisive moment in his career. The actor of 32 years, wants to leave to a side its aspect of “the heart-throb Hollywood’s most coveted” and I don’t want to be remembered for his role in the film The guardians of the Bay (2017). The reason for this? According to the right guy, now has in mind other projects for which it is preparing, and intends to go back to the great gate, but not in the film. While many fans lament this decision, opt for your new job.

According to the experience of Zac, to get a physical so defined, turned out to be not so pleasant experience. In earlier interviews, he said that he has spent a lot of time in the gym and “you become a slave” of the year. For example, in the international press that he had no time to share in family or with friends. I was also able to enjoy outdoor activities or extreme sports, that is fanatical. Then the person who dared to change their philosophy of life.

But Efron, who is the eternal protagonist of the teen series High School Musical, will put an end to this chapter of “the celebrity you want,” in the film industry. How did he do that? Well, with a post on Instagram that showed a few pounds more, with less muscle, but with the smile and the charisma that melts your legion of followers. The reactions to this change was not made to wait, as well as the holders of the first plate.

Zac Efron is risky

Now, against all odds, Zac has decided to take a risk, and this Thursday, June 25, has launched its ambitious project of the hand of Netflix. It is a documentary by the title With your feet on the ground; a proposal that will arrive on the 10th of July in the united States. Even if their fans are molten with love for the charismatic actor, it is worth noting that this project has a noble aim: to discover the sustainable forms of travel around the world.

The other good news a couple of months ago, when Zac Efron took to shoot another project, this time from the hand of Quibi, a new content platform in the short term. This work was entitled The Killing Of Zac Efron it was developed in the islands of Papua New Guinea, exactly during the past christmas. However, it was another bet that has not disappointed their fans.