Harry Styles may be the maintenance of a relationship with Daisy Lowe?


“Love is in the air” or at least this seems to breathe the environment of Harry Styles and Dasy Lowe, because, as pointed out by many voices, both could have started a romantic relationship. The union has not came as a surprise to no one that in the course of the year 2013 the two were a couple, even if for a short period of time.

It is said that “where there was fire, ashes remain” and that is precisely what could have occurred to the artist. As they say in some reports, the ex-member of One Direction could be writing a message to his ex-partner via social networks. Such a gesture may have been prompted by the curiosity of the artist to know if a girl is still feeling something for him or not.

In addition, the same source claims that Harry Styles has never ceased to feel attracted to Dasy Lowe, even if it is not the same that is felt by the artist for the singer. “Unfortunately, she is five years older than him, and even if, more that deal with older women, has always seen more as a brother than as a lover”he assured the source.

And that is not the only obstacle that could hinder a second chance between Harry Styles and Dasy Lowe. The artist has recently revealed that he had come with Christian Langdom, a promising music producer well-known in the industry.

However, we have to break a lance in favor of the ex-member of One Direction, saying that the age of love does not count and that both would continue to make very good couple. In the short time that he has shared his life, both have shown mixed to perfection. That is more than enough reason to not let go of the hopes that the singer may be deposited in a new opportunity.