Five previews in the salt Prince hot today, the board of Donostia


The cinema commercial was recovered a week ago in san sebastian with the re-opening of the multiplex-au-Prince. The long-awaited return, with a good reception from some viewers who were accustomed to bring the phone to the card reader and sit, leaving a seat open at the sides, was done with “jewels,” the cinema of the past decades. Six of them will be more days: ‘2001: a space odyssey’, ‘clockwork orange’, ‘nuovo Cinema Paradiso’, ‘E. T., the extraterrestrial’, ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Back to the future’.

Today is a step forward in the restoration of normality, with the arrival in theaters of the plaza Zuloaga five new filmsfive first, if not the first-line yes with interest and variety.

“A sudden change of direction”

The film buff has a date with two works by the author, ‘Some beasts,’ and ‘Matthias & Maxime’. The first, the chilean Jorge Riquelme, Serrano, is emphatic, critical, twisted. He won the Award Kutxabank-New Directors at the last Festival, according to the jury, to “show the ugliest of human being to propose a shot of the rudder toward hope and awareness”.

‘Mattia & Maxime’that has sparked controversy in Cannes 2019, is a vision of the tormented relationship between the two young men responsible for the always busy Xavier Dolan.

For the fan of a film with less edges and more friendly, open, today, the poster (post-Covid three plays to various ‘wish list’, ‘Personal Assistant’ and ‘Everything that happens in Tel Aviv’.

In ‘Wish list’Alvaro Diaz Lorenzo (‘Lord, give me patience”), Victoria Abril and Maria Leon are two of the cancer that has its origin in an rv to live a couple of days late. ‘Personal Assistant’from a week ago in the other rooms in the gipuzkoa, overlooking the famous musical, and it features Dakota Johnson. ‘Everything that happens in Tel Aviv’ you try to approach the conflict between Israel and Palestine the key to the humor. We see in the cinema.