Failed! Justin Bieber celebrated his big victory


The american singer, Justin Bieberit was one of the characters who triumphed during the confinement required. Not only humanitarian, due to their multiple contributions to the world outside, but also thanks to their music. The interpreter of “Yummy” is showing an incredible metamorphosis, is a married man, which shows a filatropía excessive and a thank you, a priceless value to God.

A few minutes ago, and in the afternoon of this Thursday, the couple Hailey Baldwin, has decided to use his official account of Instagram to give you a great news. In this speech, he said that they were the parameters obtained from their latest work record. The numbers, which to the naked eye, are not so simple to quantify. This album, titled “Changes”, has come to light in public on the day of love and friendship on February 14th of this year.

Near the top

In his publication, Justin Bieber he said: “Poobear and I had a vision for this project and made it happen. Thanks to God to open the correct ports! Thanks to all those who have made this project possible!”. In regards to the image, you can see the photo that was used for the form of advertising to publicize the project, with a reddish hue and showing, in numbers, as many of the reproductions that I had it on a digital platform.

The canadian managed to 1.400.000.000 reproductions cross-platform application Swedish, used for the playback of streaming music, Spotify. Despite the news of Bieber’s account with just a couple of minutes, at least 300 thousand followers have decided to react to the publication. The album of 12 songs, of which number 5 is “Good” and the number 4 “Intention” has been the most acclaimed by the critics.

It is worth noting, that andn terms of the “Changes” Tour of Justin Bieberit had to be cancelled product from the health crisis that has sparked the new coronavirus. With the impediment of events, attracting large crowds, the singer, like many other artists had to lower the curtain and change the dates of their presentations. This was the purpose of the visit: Houston, Texas, and other locations in the united States.