Dakota Johnson in a preview of his new film “Personal Assistant” Watch the trailer!


Dakota Johnson she returned to the big screen in a role coprotagónico in the film “Personal Assistant” next to Ellis Ross where she sang in the young personal assistant to a diva of the music. The tape tells the story behind the woman who makes it possible for a ídola of the song seems to be always impeccable, but behind all the sacrifices that makes her dream is to become a music producer.

“Personal Assistant” it is a film by Universal Pictures and directed by Nisha Ganatra. In addition to the stellar performances of Dakota and Ellis, the cast is completed by figures such as Kelvin Harrison Jr, Bill Pullman, Zoe Chao, June Diane Raphael, Marc Evan Jackson, in addition to the special participation of DJ Diplo and the mother of Dakota, Melanie Griffith.

This is the first video in which Ellis Ross makes use of his powerful voice and even if I had never been in a music recording studio, has been able to show his talent inherited from his mother, Diana Ross. While Dakota Johnson has had to take some piano lessons and be very attentive to the performances of the pianists, to be able to embody your character. The possibility of Maggie Sherwoode (Dakota Johnsonarrives when the representative of the diva asked to adapt their career to their age.

Their manager Jack Robertson (Ice Cube) has meaning for her to turn it into a myth of Las Vegas, but this totally goes against the plans of the singer. Also, with the help of your assistant to work on a new album that is held in the most important stages of the music scene in the united States.

Dakota and social networks

In a time when all the world is interconnected, and social networks are a component of every day in the daily life of millions of people, it is strange to know that there are still people who prefer to keep their routine with a low profile. One of them is the actress Dakota Johnson, because, despite being present in most virtual platforms, they are not the centre of their activities, and, on the contrary, you decide to keep with suspicion, the details of his personal life.

The interpreter of 30 years, defended recently made to see very little (not to say almost nothing) about if the same in your account of Instagram, for example. “It’s much more important for me to protect my privacy and my personal life that comercializarme. I appreciate my life. Also really appreciate my relationships and the respect. I don’t need to brag about me on the internet,” said the actress, who currently has a relationship with Chris Martin.