All the series that debuted on Netflix in Latin america, in July 2020


Every month Netflix renew the catalogue and surprises us with new productions. Despite the moments of cuartena, in the month of July there will be no exceptions and you will be able to enjoy some of the stories and the beginning of another.

What stands out most in this new collection are the new seasons of “The Girls of “the Wire”, “The Umbrella Academy” and “the Protector”to , among other. But there will also be a presentation of the new series as “Cursed”, “Dark Desire” and many others.

In Spoiler we share the complete list of the premiere of the series and the reality tv show that will be on the platform with their respective release dates.




Karppi – Season 2
The detective Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi returned to reveal new mysteries.

Given the yes-New reality show
The experts of weddings, Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini will help couples organize the wedding of your dreams.


Warrior nun – New series
A huerfana teen wakes up and realizes that he is in a morgue. You will soon discover that a sect of the sisters, was chosen for a battle to save the world.



Girls the Wire – the final Season – part two
Lidía and the company will face the most difficult challenge of their lives. Now that it is not only for them, it is for all the girls in the world.

JU-ON: the beginning – New series
A researcher of the paranormal investigates a house where a mother and her son suffered terrible consequences of many years ago


Jane the virgin – Season 5
A shocking secret comes to light to put Jane in a very awkward situation with Rafael.


Displaced – New miniseries
The destinations of 4 very different people intersect in a detention center for immigrants in Australia.

Was it love? – New series
A single mother, has not had an actual quote from years. Your life will change when 4 boys come into your life and make you discover love again.


The Protector – Season 4
The vizier and the Immortal are the kings of Istanbul in the present. Hakan will be a journey into the past with a very important mission: to stop a war.


Of appointment in appointment: Brazil – New reality show
Sesis and not married will have five appointments to viegas in search of his true love, but not always will go well.

Down to Earth – New documentary series
With Zac Efron in the role of a presenter, take a trip around the world looking for ways to be more healthy and live in a sustainable way.



The skin change: Before and after – New reality show
The renowned plastic surgeon Sheila Nazarian and the expert in skin care, Jamie is the use of innovative techniques to change the lives of their patients.

Dark desire – New series
Soul, a married woman, leaves home to experience a weekend of passion with a tragic end, which makes him doubt the people closest to her.


La celestina India – New reality show
The expert in weddings Sima Taparia guide for its customers in the process of successful marriages find a different look to the old ways.


The challenge of the kiss – New series
Adolescents of a small town in Brazil are in danger when you unleash a virus that spreads through the kiss.

Damn – New series
Starring the star of “13 Reasons why”, Katherine Langford, Cursed account of one version of the legend. A teenage girl called Nimue joins a mercenary named Arthur, in search of Merlin and the sword ancestral.



The Blacklist – Season 7
While Katarina’s kidnapping of Red, Liz and the team begin to doubt his true identity.


How to Sell Drugs online (Fast) – 2 Season
Moritz and his friends begin to have success in the drug world, but the biggest is your victory, the greater will be the danger that they would run.


Symbols – New series
When a young person is killed, a case unsolved for ten years, in the past, it is re-enabled. The new commander of the people think that both cases can be related to and will do everything possible to find out the truth.


To sing!: Spain – New reality show
The participants compete in a new concruso singing innovative. Each time that the singers can hone, the well of money will be larger.


Good girls – Season 3
Beth, Ruby and Annie return to face the consequences of the crazy things that they did in the past, but always with a lot of humor.


Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons – Season 4
On this occasion we will see Raphael Rowe touring the prisons more dangerous, Paraguay, Germany, Mauritius and Lesotho.


The Umbrella Academy – Season 2
The powerful, mysterious, and disastrous brothers vovlerán after the escape of the Apocalypse.

Vis a Vis: The oasis
Zulema and the Macarena are planning the best shot of their life with the help of 4 women in the midst of a wedding of a family member of a boss of drug trafficking.


Get Even – New series
Four boys are accused of a crime he did not commit, when they were trying to make justice against the people who harassed your whole life.