What Ariana Grande is pregnant? This video has aroused strong suspicions


The pop star never stops giving us surprises this quarantine. Last Friday he presented his most recent musical collaboration is nothing more and nothing less than Lady Gaga (the so-called “Rain on Me’) just a few weeks after that to submit in a formal way (in her music video ‘stuck with you’, who plays with Justin Bieber) for Dalton Gomez, who is the current boyfriend of Ariana Grande and, who knows, that is the companion Ari, when the current confinementcaused by the pandemic coronavirus.

U. s. the media argue that the romance of the interpreter 26, with her new boyfriend is going great and that you are both very happy. And fans of the singer of the ‘7 rings’, they began to suspect that their relationship is going too seriously and, also, ¡Ariana Grande, could be pregnant, Dalton Gomez!


The video may confirm the pregnancy with Ariana Grande

Recently, Great shared on Instagram the Stories of some of the video in some of your bff’s (as Alfredo Flores, and Victoria Monét) has come with his surprise and gave him gifts acompañandos with the balloons with the pictures of the baby animals.

The 27th birthday of Ariana will be up to the 26th of June, so that has ruled out the possibility that the balloons and gifts received for your birthday.