This character of “High School Musical” was gay, but Disney was not prepared to disclose | Cinema and Television


Disney I was not prepared to take Ryan of the closet. The character played by Lucas Grabeel in High School Musical it was homosexualor at least this is what was wanted by its director, Kenny Ortegabut the company was not ready to let him know for fear of the consequences that could result in the public.

Ortega has decided not to reveal that Ryan was gay, but suggest. “Disney is formed by a group of people more progressive with whom I’ve ever worked with”, says the director, apologised to the manufacturer, with the decision. “I was worried because their films are devoted to family and children, and Disney were not willing to cross that line and get in that territory”.

“We decided that the character of Ryanthe twin brother of the Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), it probably would have come out of the closet later in college. We cared less the fact desvelarlo that suggest,” says Ortega, who says that in all his films has always introduced brushstrokes queer, because it is the collective to which it belongs. “I put a lot of who I am, my work.”

“I made a decision and I felt that the people who went to see the movie would end with the sacking. What would be, what to feel, what they know and identify with it. And this is what happened,” says the director, in an interview published by Variety.

Kenny Ortega it is a true fact: Disney was not prepared. We had to get to 2020 for the company to include a character openly gay in one of their projects. This is the short film Output, which belongs to the line of production SparkShorts. The company had already approached the field to introduce a male couple married in Zootrópolis and a police officer is a lesbianSpecter) in Thenbut had never put the center of attention of the main character of the issue of homosexuality.

Looking in retrospective, this progress is quite large. The delivery of the first High School Musical the 2006 data. It seems that it was the day before yesterday, but it rained a lot in these fourteen years of evolution of social rights and the visibility of the collective LGTBIQ+and now Disney opens to openly deal with the subject in his film. Otherwise, you could end up in the crosshairs of some social groups, making it very bad publicity.