Scarlett Johansson dazzles with minidress polka dots in NY


The actress Scarlett Johansson it was captured by the paparazzi while attending a flower market in the Hamptons, New York.

The star of Jojo Rabbit impress with a natural look. She wore a minidress blue with white polka dots, short sleeves and V-neckline has stylized his silhouette. Combined with tennis whites, dark glasses and he wore a mask.

Comb the hair with hair in a bun and showed off her face without makeup while in the possession of a paper bag, a bouquet of flowers and her portfolio.


Photo: Grosby

The actress of 35 years is to go into quarantine in his home The Hamptons together with her partner, the screenwriter, comedian and actor Colin Jost. They had to postpone their wedding plans.

Because of the pandemic of coronavirus, has been postponed the premiere of The Black Widowthe new film from Marvel that the stars. Its premiere, referred to in the November 6 and will show the origins of Natasha Romanoff.


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Scarlett Johansson it is one of the actresses better paid of Hollywoodbut it remains the critical sector. Recently revealed that the pressure to be thin has become much worse in recent years.

In an interview with the magazine Candisnoticed:

“There has always been pressure on actors to stay slim. Now, it is much worse. I like to keep thin, but healthy. There are healthy ways to keep the line and others that are just a little”.

“I have no comment on how other people choose to live their life, but I am too paranoid about my health, to take the road of eating disorders,” he added.

Johansson has also observed that it has ceased to worry about the the perception that people have on it. With the passing of the years, he has learned to maintain your privacy, without the outbursts and aggressive.

“I will not fight with my public persona, because I do not care how the people that I have perceived from afar. Of course, it is important to how I perceive the people I know, but that is a different thing”.

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