Mia Khalifa, is helped by the fans of K-Pop of ‘break down’ your video


The fans of K-Pop have joined forces to down trends they consider racistthat they incite hatred or for help for women victims of gender-based violenceas is the case of the exestrella of the adult industry Mia Khalifa.

After today comentarista sports and influencers that fixed the difficult situations he had to deal with in the industry, in which not only witnessed the violence and deception, but also a payment for his irregular work – My she was paid 12 thousand dollars from the videos that have generatedor sites such as PornHub $ 800 million-, the former actress said that he has no intention of going back that, “although I may die of hunger.”

Fans of K-Pop for the “Justice for Mia”

Before their statements, the fans of K-Pop – and other women – decidieron help her boycott of the video platform the signing of a petition of Change.Org under the title “Justice for Mia Khalifa”– in a few hours has reached a million books.

Apparently, the followers of the the music of south korea she decided to help the factor of 27 years after the share Twitter a GIF JB (Jaebeom)a member of the GOT7.

For this reason, they have decided to help her for that platforms such as PornHub and BangBros return the domain of your video and are removed from the network.

Looking for a “knock down”, the video of My

In addition, they planned a boycott in that –as well as led to the overthrow of photographs of women that have profoundly offended by the images of their idols- use the name of My for uploading content to the platform of video and so “bury” the clip of the actress.

Mia Khalifa outside the sector

From the moment that his life took a new direction, Mia has declared that repents after having participated in this type of video when only he was 21 years old.

He said that in spite of the fact that his time in the area was three monthss –in which one of the their video became viral– this past still haunts and suffers ill-treatment from the part of the same.- Information The Debate and The Republic.